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To Be In Light Of Life

By November 11, 2018April 14th, 2020No Comments
I believe that there are more people now on this planet then not who have an understanding that we are more then just our human nature. This belief must have an enormous impact on the way that we are now developing as human beings and therefore the way that we are creating a very different world to live in. I see it as “embracing our higher nature” the part of us that knows how to guide us in a “higher way”.As this occurs we also seem to be putting the spotlight on our human nature so that we can see who we are, what we have become. When this spotlight shines it shows us up in many lights and to some this may be a level of exposure that they do not welcome. How can we make changes if we don’t “see” what needs to change? The word “enlightenment” can be defined as “To Be In Light of Life”. We have gone into life’s room and we have turned all the lights on. When we don’t have the lights own we are stumbling around in the dark finding our way and never being sure of what we are bumping into to. With the lights on we can see our position and therefore be more strategic in where we place ourselves.I don’t think anything ever goes away, its always there in life’s room, it has its place and yet we do have choice in regards to how we are affected by life. We can be challenged and frightened and worried about whats in the room and therefore allow ourselves to be impacted in counterproductive ways.We can also stand in that room with all the lights on and accept that all is in its place and that we can by having autonomy over life’s room create productive ways.This is a time when we are turning on lots of lights, for ourselves as individuals but also for each other as we find more ways of supporting each other in this time of constant change.We are now on the road of progress with the energy of higher nature as our companion. Each day be aware of how many lights you have turned on for yourself and others.We are all now a collective “Power Company”