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The New Natural

By April 14, 2020No Comments

For too long now human nature has been embracing unnatural ways of living to satisfy its craving to achieve. Achievement is important and even essential to our whole well being but not at the cost of what is natural to us. Imbalances occur when we step away from the natural ways of thinking, feeling, living. Human nature has too readily stepped into the energy of its unhealthy appetite towards consumerism which leads to the addiction to consume more which in turns keeps human nature needing to create more to consume to feed the addiction. I believe this has led to an unnatural way of thinking, feeling, responding and participating in life, mind, body, spirit. Im no exception, I’ve done it myself and still find it hard to break the habits of a lifetime. Im doing it though as so many are, breaking the attachments we have to ways of thinking, feeling and living that are not productive to us. I have to remind myself that I am created to succeed, created to know how to change. I also have to remember that within me is the power of life that if I organise it will know what to do when the going gets tough. I don’t think life can get any tougher then what we are experiencing together at this time. Thats why Im more conscious then ever of paying attention to the formula of Mind,Body,Spirit, three components that when in harmonious collaboration create an energy that supports wellness.


Our thoughts create feelings, our feelings manifest as conditions in our life. Thinking from a platform based on human fears, worries, counterproductively establishes a bio chemical and physiological response that takes us to an un-natural way of responding.That creates confusion and uncertainly in our responses which results in establishing the fight or flight mentality. We then become in “Conflict” with the situation and therefore ourselves. Walls of defence are created and one is no longer standing in a position of certainty.Thinking from a position of acceptance and peace allows us to be easy on ourself giving us time to observe more carefully our response. The new energy we create from this perspective establishes a positive biochemical response in us triggering off the natural mechanisms within the human body allowing us to cope, heal, be peaceful and very importantly be creators in our life consequently changing the way we respond to life and its situations. Feeding the mind with positive thoughts is one way, but aligning with like minded people, engaging in activities that make us happy, peaceful, etc are other ways of stimulating our minds to the natural state of well being. With everything thats going on a the moment its easy to to become indoctrinated by negative coverage , fear mongering, speculation etc if we choose to pay too much attention to it. I think its good to stay informed but once you have the information then store it where it needs to go and then let it be.



Our bodies love to feel good, look good, be healthy and wonderful. Its natural for the body to enjoy a healthy life style because the body is healthy, There is nothing unnatural about the body. Whats unnatural is what we do to it, feed it, subject it to by the way we live. I find a strange irony in the description of fast food ie: takeaway. Well it certainly does that, takes us away from what our bodies really need, it takes away from us a healthy way of functioning consequently taking away from us the natural ability to heal ourselves naturally.


We need to move, moving assists our immune system. We need to be stimulated , and we need to rest and re group. Pushing the body into an unnatural way of existing will make it shout back at you because it doesn’t like it, it cant cope and if it cant it gets sick. It will react to the world you are living in, the thoughts you have, the food you eat, the people in your life, your circumstances. The body likes you to be involved in productive environments so it can shine and give you all the power you need. Who doesn’t like to drive in a vehicle that is unlimited in its power?


We are drawn to this now more then ever. The source of how everything works, because it gives us access to the infinite possibilities that being just human in our nature cant. Everyone has their own journey in regards to this and whatever it is you can’t function without it anymore. If you resist then the road just gets bumpy and you stay caught up into being unnatural. Use this time to find what this is to you and means to you and once you do weave it consciously into your day to day life because you will get results and it will direct your human nature back to what is natural.Some have been doing this for sometime now and understand what is means to literally be the creator. Others are getting to know this now and have to go at a pace that works for them.