Tabaash offers personal consultations.
The reading is an hour long and you will receive a CD of the session.
Tabaash is available for appointments in person and Skype.

Book a Personal Reading

We offer personal consultations in person and by Skype.
The sessions are an hour long but we can negotiate longer
sessions if required. The sessions are recorded for you.
Session times are based on New Zealand days and times.

For more information, go to contact.

What to expect

Tabaash talks to you about your life, the patterns of your life on all levels. He is like a life coach, a therapist, and a mentor and spiritual advisor all rolled in to one. He communicates with the guides you work with as well. His aim is to ENHANCE the way you see yourself and the world around you. He does not expect you to treat the information that he gives to you like the gospel truth according to Tabaash. He stresses always that you have free will to direct the information in the best way you want to use it.

Can I ask questions?

Questions are encouraged. Many people have found that Tabaash answers the questions without them having to ask but it’s still good to have some. If you don’t then that’s fine too as some people come to listen and let the energy of the session be guided by Tabaash.

Can he connect with loved ones who have passed?

This is entirely up to the spirits who have passed. Tabaash cannot conjure up “the dead” and if people are coming simply in the hope of just that, they may wish to seek out someone who does that.

Do I need to prepare?

Not at all, come and be relaxed and be yourself and of course come being open to the experience. Tabaash is full of and energy and positivity. He tempers the serious with his excellent sense of humour but he is blunt and to the point and he is honest about everything. For bookings see contacts, or email