Blair Styra / Tabaash

I welcome you to our website, I am Blair Styra and I have had the great pleasure of channeling Tabaash for almost 30 years. All of us have made the choice to be alive on Earth at this time of constant change and by doing so we are offering up to ourselves the opportunity to advance who we are Mind, Body and Spirit.. Our message to the world is simply our life and as we involve ourselves more in the development of all our selves we become more conscious of what our life represents and therefore what the messages are. In the 30 years I have been working in this field I have truly come to believe that our ‘God Nature” is indeed our true nature. And it is this nature that guides our “Human Nature “ to be more productive. We are taking steps to a higher way of living and to do so we are putting the spotlight on our human nature so we can see what needs to be changed. We have done this so many times before and we have never done it alone. There have always been teacher’s physical and non-physical offering up a plethora of wisdom. They are stimulants to our whole being showing our human nature the endless possibilities of our many futures.

Tabaash is such a teacher. He lived in the ancient time of Sumeria. He was no more remarkable then the next man, but he saw that there was more to the life that he lived and so he opened his soul and claimed back his God Nature. He gives his wisdom now as we ourselves transform into our own God Nature. I have had a remarkable journey with Tabaash, or “Mister T” as endearingly people call him. Our journey together has taken us all over the world and for me to other worlds and dimensions that we can access when we become God, conscious. I embrace you all and it is a great pleasure and honour to serve you.