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Life Is Happening Because Of Us, Not To Us

By July 7, 2022No Comments

When you decide to bring the spiritual element into your life in a conscious way you are going to present yourself, to yourself in a very amplified way. You discover that you are this spiritual being as a woman or man living your lives being aware of yourself and wanting to improve the way you think, feel, live. You may have discovered that when you tread the spiritual path it does not make you infallible to human experiences.  You still make mistakes, and get angry and do stupid things sometimes. You will cry and hurt and bleed and be afraid at times. You will get really pissed off with people and you will still wonder what you are all about what this thing called life is all about. You will be hard on yourself and think far too much about stuff that is counterproductive. You will get impatient and stressed and wonder how you will manage to get through the day.

        Being A Spiritual Being Does Not Mean You Stop Being A Human Being.

When we wear the mantel of our spiritual self we are simply allowing access to a state of consciousness that supports our human nature. The notion of Mind, Body and Spirit as a formula has been around for thousands of years and it’s easy to forget the formula such is the distractions of our human nature and life. We too readily embrace the human nature as the only nature and soon discover that it has its limits without the bigger picture. Allowing the higher nature to be a part of the experience will engage us with a new level of life energy that when used can direct human nature to reach for more.

I believe that we know all of this. So many are waking up to the new facts of life that pertain to the new states of conscious living we are all participating in. Some get it straight away and move forward whilst others struggle with the new narrative but inevitably get it and move on. Others don’t get it at all or consciously resist subsequently creating happenings that test ones endurance. Because of our thoughts, because of our emotions, because of our actions we are establishing a field of energy around ourselves that we are drawing from. This energy is the reference point where the formulas of our life’s experiences are created. Becoming conscious of what this field of energy possesses can warrant a better chance of the good results that we seek in our lives.

For so much of our recent human history we have leaned very heavily into wearing life as we are told, by the sources and forces we believed to have our best interest at heart. It has become far too obvious with recent world events that these sources and forces have only their own interests at heart and they will go to severe means to ensure they get what they want. And so we live in a world now where there is more emotional, physical, spiritual suffering. We seem to be wearing life very heavily at present and the weight of this at times can make life unbearable and uncertain.

Wearing ourselves in a more enlightened state of consciousness does make a difference.

Some time ago I was listening to a teaching that was given by an energy by the name of Kryon.  Many of you may be familiar with the many and empowering teachings of his through his channel Lee Carroll. Kryon was speaking of how when Lee would bless the hotel room he was staying in, emptying it of old energies. Kryon said he did not need to do that as he was God, therefore the moment he walked into the room the room was cleared.

This struck such a note in me and reinforced what Tabaash teaches. I talked to Tabaash about it and that’s when he said and I quote:

Yes, its the way you wear yourself. If you wear yourself always in the highest state of consciousness than quite simply when you walk out your front door you are changing the world for the better”. The more you continue to do this then you are activating all the positive codes of life that are housed within you. This state if practiced consistently will change your whole being”. 

To me this was an essential truth and from the moment I heard what both Kryon and Tabaash said I have daily been very conscious of how I wear myself. I practice this through my thought, through my conscious awareness of my day and the activities of the day. I feel by doing this I am activating the power of life through me and around me and beyond, emitting the power of life to touch all and everything.

We can change the world. We can change what is happening in the world .We do have a choice and we start by deciding now how you are wearing yourself.

The energy of life is so disruptive at present with the all the counterproductive things that are occurring it’s too easy to be afraid and uncertain and depressed. If we wear ourselves in such a manner then we are layering ourselves with a heaviness that renders us incapable of creating something better.

I urge you all to now wear yourself in the highest way.