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Lets All Turn On Some More Lights

By March 18, 2019April 14th, 2020No Comments

A foreigner came into our country last week and brought with him his hatred, prejudice and anger.He who trained to be a personal trainer, looked after and respected his body, had no respect for the life and bodies of the people that he massacred. As a spiritual being I feel and see the big picture, as a human being I’m pissed off. Odd though that this man has brought out in us more love, more support and more understanding for the diversity that is New Zealand. Its a pity he couldn’t have done that with an act of love instead of what he did. Its a fine line isn’t it regarding the choices that we make in life? We are a small country and I believe we are a people who have a great respect for life and the lives of others. Like any country we have our issues but we are always ready to stand by each other and pull together in ways that give life. And thats what I am seeing over these last few days as we commune together and give life to those who’s families and friends were affected by this outburst. This man who violated our country came and for a moment turned off the lights but we are all turning them back on so that dark place that he resides in is not our place. We live in light not in darkness and we will not allow anybody to pull the plug and plunge us into darkness.New Zealand and its people are not like that and we are all going to be a beacon for something bigger and greater. We have to have our moment as we are doing now, and then put that down and not be survivors of this tragedy but people who are full of living and adventure and opportunities that all of us have within us to experience. The fallen have fallen and we must support those who loved them so they don’t fall. And if they do then we will catch them and hold them and support them until they are once again able to do that themselves.

I read somewhere today that since this massacre some people have been going out and buying more guns. Such mentality is beyond my understanding. Fear and worry only attract the things you are fearful and worried about. Well, Im certainly not going to buy into fear I am buying into life. There is a bottle of champagne that has been sitting in my fridge getting very chilled the last month and I have decided that I am going to open the bottle and have a drink or maybe two and I am going to drink to life, and send my love and blessings to those who lost their lives.I am going to raise my glass to those who have suffered this great loss and remind them that they do not have to stand alone. We are a country with a strong sense of community, we do look after each other and this we will do for you.