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Complimenting Each Others Lives

By December 20, 2017April 14th, 2020No Comments
Think of the people that are in your life right now, the people that you are really glad that they are in your life. These people are there for your joy, your happiness, your fun and pleasure. They are there to help you advance your position in life. They give you the chance to show and receive love, to adventure with and share life’s stories.They are in your life so that you can create memories. They will hold and comfort you, be honest and real. You want them there and they want you there. We are vital to each others well being.We are all in each others lives because we want to be there, there is no chance thing about it we are each and every one of us each others creations.For most of us it is our families that first shape our lives, these are our first relationships.We define our early life through the thoughts and experiences of those people and the energy of that collective.We grow and observe life, we step into the world and through our new experiences we begin to add other dimensions to our life.As these dimensions present themselves they blend with those of others and there experiences and we expand our reality of life.When we create our first friendships we begin to see and feel the world outside of the reality of the family and we develop social and communication skills that help us to create our place in the world we live in.Our friendships also show us our individuality as we become more alert to the fact that we are our own being and not just part of a family. Each friendship we develop offers up an opportunity to see a perspective of ourselves and to develop the qualities we possess. I believe this is a time when we need to look more consciously at who we are bringing into our lives and how we wish to evolve through these connections. As one becomes more aware of ones relationship with ones self and accepts the unlimitedness of our being we will attract people in our lives that compliment this. We also seek to compliment other peoples lives by our presence in their lives. We are not there to complicate each others lives but compliment them!