Latest Video – 17 January 2023

Interview with Paul Williams Official

Join me for a sit down interview with Blair Styra, as we discuss the personal relationship between the Blair and Dolores Cannon and how she believed in the Blair’s energy. Blair and I discuss the concept of manipulating energy and how it can be achieved. Blair goes on to explain that we are here to learn how to manipulate that energy and that we are master manifests. He also talks about how people often associate the word “manipulation” with something negative, but in this context, it means organizing or directing energy in a positive way. Blair also explains that we are constantly manipulating energy in our everyday lives, through the way we think, feel, and act. Overall, the video is about understanding the power we have to manipulate energy and how to harness it to manifest our desired reality.

Preview of Interview with Jill Cole

Blair is very rare as he uses a practice called transfiguration, where his voice changes completely whilst channelling. This is Blair’s wonderful story.

PS Paul Stewart ~ Episode 2: Interview with Blair Styra & Tabaash ‘The Positioning Of Self’

The Show – PS Paul Stewart is an interview show that explores the empowering ways we can live as aware souls with natural balance, harmony and creativity while in human form on earth.

Blair Styra & Tabaash
In this interview, Paul invites discussion and wisdom from both Blair Styra and Tabaash. Blair, based in Wellington New Zealand, has been channelling Tabaash for over thirty years now and he shares with us some of his own insights, practices and also, details about his first two books.

Tabaash is a master teacher who lived in ancient Sumeria. He gives us food for thought and guides us in bringing our selves into more harmony and creativity in practical ways that make sense.It is a delight to openly listen to these broad perspectives on offer. Wisdom plants seeds in our soul, it can be very practical and, we can express and enhance it in our own unique ways.

Paul Stewart Bio
Paul Stewart is a world and energy explorer and a facilitator of light body training. He started a professional Personal Training business in 1997 in Wellington, New Zealand, leaving to travel, work and live overseas in early 2007. During these times he has provided training to clients through exercise and has always included a mind body and spirit approach.The work has given the opportunity to understand these dynamics and share in helpful ways with others while enhancing his own fine-tuning such as we are all doing. His particular focus has been fitness, rehabilitation, mind power tools, meditation, healing and balancing energy work coupled with a natural interest in personal development.

The work has provided Paul with great opportunities to explore other countries, cultures and energies. His travels have included long stints in Kuwait and Japan, being a fitness director onboard a luxury cruise ship and, a solo trip around the world on $58 for ten months.

Paul also enjoys writing and painting. He has recently completed his first book and is now exploring the publishing process. He currently resides in Tokyo.

Preview of Interview with Blair Styra

Blair Styra talks about the entity named Tabaash and gives an overview of his personal path toward enlightenment. The full interview contains sections of a live channeling with Tabaash given at Mt. Shasta.

Trance Channeling Tabaash Ancient Soul Lived 5000 Years Ago Blair Styra

Blair Styra openly shares his journey with his wife and her illness challenges, his spiritual journey meeting and trance channeling Tabaash, an ancient Sumerian soul who last lived over 5,000 years ago. Tabaash made a Soul agreement with Blair to teach humanity about their powers of creation.

Alba Weinman & Geraldine Orozco with Blair Styra – Channel for Tabaash

OMP author of Don’t Change The Channel

Ozark Mountain Publishing author Blair Styra discusses being a channel for the enlightened entity Tabaash and his book “Don’t Change the Channel” in which Tabaash presents his insightful teachings and assists us in expanding our ideas of who we are and what we can do with the choices that we have made in this life.