Preview of Interview with Blair Styra

Blair Styra talks about the entity named Tabaash and gives an overview of his personal path toward enlightenment. The full interview contains sections of a live channeling with Tabaash given at Mt. Shasta.

Trance Channeling Tabaash Ancient Soul Lived 5000 Years Ago Blair Styra

Blair Styra openly shares his journey with his wife and her illness challenges, his spiritual journey meeting and trance channeling Tabaash, an ancient Sumerian soul who last lived over 5,000 years ago. Tabaash made a Soul agreement with Blair to teach humanity about their powers of creation.

Alba Weinman & Geraldine Orozco with Blair Styra – Channel for Tabaash

OMP author of Don’t Change The Channel

Ozark Mountain Publishing author Blair Styra discusses being a channel for the enlightened entity Tabaash and his book “Don’t Change the Channel” in which Tabaash presents his insightful teachings and assists us in expanding our ideas of who we are and what we can do with the choices that we have made in this life.