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The New Version Of Life

By July 28, 2022No Comments

In the face of the barrage we are all facing at this time in our history, the version of life that we have all become so accustomed to is changing, and accordingly we have to create a new version of ourselves. What is occurring has become a very personal experience for every individual and the idea of life’s events happening

“ Out there” without any consequences to ourselves is now a fallacy.

A new state of conscious living is manifesting at this time in our history.

This is a time where we need to credit ourselves with our ability to be smart about how we create life. We can’t just wait around for the leaders of our countries to get their acts together and show real leadership and guidance. We are all having to get ourselves together and show that we are the leaders of our lives and how essential it is to practice guidance that gives us results without having to wait around for the bureaucrats to figure out what to do. And to do this it doesn’t have to be a big plan.

Tabaash has spoken that “ Every day when we awaken we give ourselves a chance of life again, and for that reason every day we decide how we are to live our life. Today what shall I think? Today how shall I feel? Today what will I create as my daily reality?”

At some time on our lives and perhaps many times, we ask our self or our guides, or God.  Why am I here? What is the purpose of living this life? What am I meant to be doing?

I think we are here because we choose to be here and the purpose is to be found in the way we think and feel and live our lives daily. We are on Earth and we are meant to be living, that is what we are here to do. The plan of source power was to give us life and we made the choice to decide what qualities we wish to express in this lifetime. And every time we are born again into life then its up to us to make those qualities shine. And so every day when we awaken we are being born again and we have the opportunity to shine. No one has a special purpose because life is special all the time and so are we. However the day unfolds for us we have a chance to make it special just for ourselves and in doing that we see how remarkable we all are all the time.

Its hard though at times to feel and embrace that remarkable energy because we get caught up in stories, mostly our own but often other peoples. The way other people experience their lives can have a positive or detrimental effect on us. It’s us as individuals who decide how we tell the story to ourselves.

Plato said, and I quote:

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; The real tragedy in life is when men are afraid of the light.

And the light is going to be shown to us is so many ways all through the day that we live. We don’t have to find the light because we were made from light and that’s what makes us awaken every morning.

We wake up because the light is on.

As we develop an understanding of the light and how we use it we shine that light on our lives and we show to ourselves how to direct our thoughts, feelings and actions from the point of light.

When you turn the light on you see EVERYTHING

And we are meant to see everything so we can arrange our lives away from the counter-productivity that so overwhelms so many. This is our time now to see everything from our light so that we can lead ourselves more productively. Its not a mission, it’s a choice and all you have to do is live the day you live and shine as much light onto that as you can. I see people’s frustration all the time in my work when they hear things like that. I really don’t know what they want to answer to be from source, perhaps something more cosmic and metaphysical. Truth is simple and is never to be found in complicated discourses and formulas that confuse.

The truth will always take you to yourself

And so be wise to your self each day for we are all the bearers of wisdom. Have the courage to create the day you are living with great results. Be conscious of the day and how you manage it, you will find it is often easier then you thought.

And remember it’s easier to create a new version of life when the lights are on.