I welcome you to our website, I am Blair Styra and I have had the great pleasure of channeling Tabaash for almost 30 years.

All of us have made the choice to be alive on Earth at this time of constant change and by doing so we are offering up to ourselves the opportunity to advance who we are Mind, Body and Spirit.. Our message to the world is simply our life and as we involve ourselves more in the development of all our selves we become more conscious of what our life represents and therefore what the messages are.

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An audience with Tabaash

For over 30 years Blair Styra has been the channel for the remarkable entity known as Tabaash. Based in New Zealand they presented a radio program, spoke at many events around the country and over the last 15 years took the message globally.

Tabaash says our message to the world is our life and as we involve ourselves more in our development we “evolve” our abilities to be more conscious that life is not something happening to us but more is happening because of us.

Dolores Cannon called Tabaash the real deal after having her own personal sessions with Tabaash. For many years Blair/Tabaash were key speakers at her Transformation Conferences and also they toured together in the US co-presenting. Blair hosted Dolores in New Zealand and a great friendship developed. Blair’s books are published through Dolores’s company Ozark Mountain Publishers.

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Latest Video – 17 January 2023

Interview with Paul Williams Official

Join me for a sit down interview with Blair Styra, as we discuss the personal relationship between the Blair and Dolores Cannon and how she believed in the Blair’s energy. Blair and I discuss the concept of manipulating energy and how it can be achieved. Blair goes on to explain that we are here to learn how to manipulate that energy and that we are master manifests. He also talks about how people often associate the word “manipulation” with something negative, but in this context, it means organizing or directing energy in a positive way. Blair also explains that we are constantly manipulating energy in our everyday lives, through the way we think, feel, and act. Overall, the video is about understanding the power we have to manipulate energy and how to harness it to manifest our desired reality.

Latest Video – 02 June 2021

Interview with Jill Cole

You Are God

Blair is very rare as he uses a practice called transfiguration, where his voice changes completely whilst channelling. This is Blair’s wonderful story.


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