Tabaash, Alba Weinman & Geraldine Orozco

23 June 2019

Blair Styra channel Tabaash for a live audience! Experience first hand an interactive and unique opportunity to take in the wisdom and larger than life personality of a 5000 year old Sumerian spirit. Through Blair, Tabaash presents a practical and honest perspective on life. Helping people understand that they are the creators of their reality and the masters of their human nature.

Alba Weinman leads a paradigm shifting reconnection to source workshop. Accessing the deep inner wisdom of each and every one attending.

Geraldine Orozco presents the latest in the spiritual science of our DNA, providing live audience scanning of blockages, attachments and entities. Decoding the structure of the human soul in order to reintegrate deep fragmentation.


Embassy Suites Waterfront
150 Anza Blvd,

What to bring:

Yoga mats and comfortable clothing.

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