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Our Need For Each Other Has Never Been Greater

By April 11, 2020No Comments

Having spent almost a month in solitude due to self isolation and the present lockdown I, like so many of us have very little actual contact with people. Our friends, our families our associates have become voices, messages, pictures. They have become images we see on a screen when we face time them, zoom them, skype them. Im used to hugging my friends, reaching out in conversation and touching a shoulder, a hand, an arm around each other. When we are with someone we are a presence to each other a shared vibration that speaks so much without the words. Not having this hurts so much at times and it brings a feeling of emptiness and a tinge of sadness. When I was having my evening meditation this night I was enjoying the peace and stillness I had created. Laying there in this bliss my mind was suddenly filled with the images of the friends in my life and I was overwhelmed with such a feeling of love that soon tears were slowly running down my face. I could feel my face break into a great smile as I felt so full of gratitude for the people that I have in my life and for the people I have been able to align with through my work. Each individual has brought something to my life, each individual has shown me something about myself that has been important to see. We are all such opportunities for each other and when we are denied of each others company and the opportunities are gone there is a great void.

It is natural to be together and once we are all back into this new world that we are creating we need to remember that it is no longer about keeping a distance, no longer waiting to see, or getting around to it. It will not be a time when we wait for the right time to align or even pick up where we left off. Thats all finished now because we have finished something that had to be completed. The way we lived our life is something that happened to someone we used to be. I have often thought of myself as someone who stands alone and independent and I see it differently now, I see that I stand in my space, but am connected to wonderful, talented amazing beings who are people I admire and love and who inspire and motivate me and support me. And thats a very good thing and a natural way to feel and I truly believe that we are all standing in that place. We all have a great need for each other and this is not a time to be shy about it.While I was writing this my friend Claire who is in self isolation in Sydney in a hotel rang me and it seemed that it was appropriate that my tears flowed when I answered the phone. I explained that I was writing this and read it to her and she in her isolation shed some tears and then we laughed about her lack of fresh air and couldn’t even open a window or a door and that she was having to breath in her own farts. Such is the realities of isolation! Our life now is a great leveller and so if we look at the space we are all standing in and see who’s around you, remember that we are all life lines for each other, we are important to each other, let that be known.