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A Time To Walk Towards Ourself

By April 11, 2020No Comments

How do you write about the end of the world as we know it? For centuries people have been prophesying about this and I have often wondered that if it happened and when it happened how would I feel? Well, I feel amazing, peaceful, excited and adventurous! Of course human nature being what it is has leaned heavily into the apocalyptic version of our demise if only to find that it wasn’t like that at all but more then end of a vibration, an energy that we had become to reliant on. In that version of events we were bogged down with too much corruption, fear, and reliance on social systems and rules that were taking us further away from our authentic selves and leading us towards the cliff edge.So, something had to change.

What is happening in human nature has never happened before. For the first time ever the vibration of human nature has become quiet so the higher nature can be heard. Every human being on this planet has collectively stopped and by doing so has given the higher nature a chance to align itself with us all on a conscious level. It is rather like a massive download of positive energy that in time will manifest itself as the new model of reality that we all create. During this time of isolation from each other it gives us a chance to not be distracted by what is going on around us but more to be attracted to what is going on within us. We have put the spotlight within ourselves and all of us are seeing something that is important to see. When I say see it doesn’t have to be with the eyes. We are seeing with our feelings and our thoughts and actions. The experience we are all having from this situation is a unique one and not one human being will respond in the same way. I find it fascinating reading all the different theories about what is happening and how people are responding to this and of course peoples responses tell you a great deal about themselves.

From my perspective we all have this amazing chance to relinquish anything that no longer serves us. That can be so many and so much but whatever it is we are laying all of this before ourselves now and understanding on a deeper level what has to change. Its obvious that the world cant keep functioning in the way that it has. Conflict being the prevalent energy can only be destructive. I believe this is our chance to move away from conflict and to construct ways of living so that are productive. We cant do this without a concept of a higher nature. So all my bros and sisters on Earth, lets all walk towards our higher natures so we can establish this new HIGH-WAY of being!Lets walk this HIGHWAY together!

Stay Safe, Stay well, like each other, love each other, stand still and listen