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Tabaash Report - March 2012

There is nothing quite like man made political and social structures to stir up consciousness and fling it to the far reach of the many universes.

From the moment that human nature stepped way from the light and immersed itself in the denser energy of the human consciousness, humankind has been establishing ways to run each other or for a want of a better phrase, ruin each other.

And it is the ruinous nature of certain individuals through history that have brought about destruction that has plunged this planet into a continuous siege of conflict that has at times taken human nature away from the light.

This destruction was made possible by the collective disconnection of human nature from GODS POWER.

This disconnection enabled platforms to be created for souls who saw an opportunity to gain autonomy over others, satiating their egoism and their need to conquer and be the supreme ruler.


Political systems of the day work to keep the system of dumbing down the people alive and well, and really do very little to enhance the quality of life of the people they are elected to represent.

The infighting of other parties involved in the political arena seems a platform for egocentric individuals who have a great deal to say but seem to do very little.

The present debts that many countries are finding themselves involved in are evidence of corrupt and limited systems that rather then create wealth amongst the nations has established conflict and debt that is now bringing down the very systems that created them.

Too many countries for far to long have been investing in conflict rather then peace and the outcome of this is being played out worldwide on the political and economic stages of the world.

The energy has now turned on them as the repercussions of worshipping the God, “money” and “power” take their toll on the worlds political and economic structures.


The God “FEAR” is also worshipped covertly and blatantly in the political and economic structures of the world.

Many smaller less affluent countries are seemingly being held to ransom by those larger and more prosperous countries who exploit those countries of their natural resources.

The less affluent nations rely heavily of course on foreign aid and there seems to be a high price to pay when they make a stand and demand more.


Bringing a higher consciousness into any structure is going to give access to more life and a life that is beneficial to ALL and not a chosen few. There needs to be a real true balance of power where there is not any individual person or party that rules.

Exploitation of less affluent countries with high resources needs to stop, the taking needs to stop, the conflicts need to stop, the fear, the ignorance.


The genocide, the need for control, all of this needs to stop. If not the energy that collectively is created will simply lead to more of the same, which invariably will lead to once again, levels of mass destruction as has been shown by the last two world wars.

These wars brought about huge shifts in the worlds systems, but change through conflict is never ever the answer.


Certain factions have been controlling the worlds political and monetary systems for many decades and whilst people were happy to turn a blind eye or simply prefer to remain ignorant, this is no longer the case.

All governments have the capability of running their own countries efficiently and successfully. If people truly were their brother’s keeper then there would be no need for the exploitation of each other. Those with more resources would find ways of assisting others and there would be no conditions attached.

It is the “conditions” that governments put on people that lead to a great deal of resentment and the loss of face, which of course leads to conflict.

From the perspective of spirit it is important to honour the brother, and respect the ways of the brother. It is important for the brother however to know when to reach out, and it helps the brother who is reaching out to know that there is not some hefty condition attached to the asking.

In this day and age of so-called “free trade” the price seems to be rather high!


In times when the human nature was still full of light energy and beings lived life in total accord, there were systems that governed the people of the time and these systems were complimentary to all involved because the natural laws of Mind, Body, Spirit were adhered to.

These systems were established for everyone’s gain and there was never one autonomous ruler who considered themselves superior and of course never considered their position as something that they could gain from.

Equality amongst all was the pervading energy and all beings at the time were encouraged to find the voices that they had.

Of course when you live in a social structure that has no conflict the outcome of life and what its voices are will be very different.


True political leadership that inspires others is  very rare in this day and age. Supposed leaders come and go and unfortunately often leave behind mass trails of destruction on many levels.

Human natures disillusionment with the systems of today are not going to go away until once again they attach the idea GOD to the systems of governing.


As in your own life, without the knowledge of GOD your life will be limited and possibly destructive.



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