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Tabaash Report - January 2012

Central core energy has always been the most essential part of any structure in all ways of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Without this core energy nothing can exist.

The building of a physical structure like a bridge or a stadium, the establishing of an idea, a fashion design, a car, all of these things need to have some engineering to form a core energy.

The human physical body has the heart as its physical core that everything else takes life from.

It is the most essential organ of the human body.

It is the soul though that is the most VITAL energy to the physical body and the most fundamental energy to the soul is of course GOD.

In the days when you were light beings in light bodies, your connection with God was not one of worship.

Your link was of participation with the source of energy that was the core to all life.

Worshiping puts God outside of you and therefore takes away your direct link with the energy that gives you life.

Participation with this energy engages you directly with this source giving you full access to all of life’s power.

People become disconnected and powerless when they place the power outside of themselves as if it is something that they have to attain to rather then be.

The original disconnection put people in conflict with the energy As they began to pull further away from the source of energy they started to create illusionary forms of power that they believed to be real.

This lead to the physical bodies becoming denser in their nature and therefore they no longer had the feeling of God participation from within.


Human nature is very good at establishing experiences that satisfy the human physical senses and believing that this was some substitute for what they originally had.

This is a poor substitute as people have realized, hence the need to once again internalize the consciousness that is GODS power, and once more to know that you have that core energy within them.

All souls are having this awakening at this point and of course human nature is doing it at different degrees.

The fact that this is happening collectively is an indication that the level of awareness amongst human nature is high and getting higher.

People are now finding a balance between the God and human parts that is more complimentary.


Establishing your day from your core energy will ensure that you do get the best of you and therefore create the best of days.

As you do this consistently you will change the energy around you and fill YOUR existence with the core energy that enables you to build something even greater.

Through the power of your intention and with the connection to the core power, you are GOD DOING IT YOUR WAY.

If you are a HUMAN DOING IT YOUR WAY, the outcome will be based on your human nature and your DISCONNECTION from the core power rendering you incapable of establishing life from within you, and you will only have the illusion of what can be as opposed to the reality of what is.



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