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Tabaash Report - February 2012

All the links that you have with each other be them conscious or otherwise have an influence on the way you develop as a participant of life on this Earth.

The connections that you have with each other forge growth on all levels possible and that’s why it’s so vital to be aware of the concept of how you are all collectively evolving.

Imagine it rather being like the rhythms of the waves in the sea and all the waves are blending together creating one force and moving in the same rhythm. This really is the key to success on all levels, the better the blend of balanced vibrations the better the result will be.


All life forms are participating in a diversity of frequencies that will either be in harmony or not.

Through the day all beings are going through a complex juggling act of these frequencies in the hope that that greatest harmony can be found, therefore giving you the best alignment.

Your thoughts have a specific frequency, as do your actions. If the thoughts and actions have found an alignment that is in harmony then you are apt to get the best results.

For most people on Earth they are not that conscious of keeping the alignment going and so build up a residue of energies that invariably need to be excised from the physical system.


The result if not cleared, is usually some form of dis-ease within the body. The body is built to be very resilient, but is also built to be able to ALWAYS be in harmony with all the best sources of life.

It is the responsibility of all beings to manage the bodies that they have and if one carries the conscious knowledge of this, then a residue of energy is never an issue and you are always on the road driving freely and easily, to your chosen goals.


As you progress in your development you become more aware of what the deals are that you want to make and so you seek out the most important links that feed all the aspects of self that work within the realms of your higher self.

These higher self-energies need to be acknowledged more then ever, as they are vital to the futures that you are presently establishing. As you attune to these higher energies then they put out the signal to all the other higher self’s that you are activated and that you now wish to attract all higher energies that you can feed in to and add to.

You are now involved in what I will call HIGHER GROUND for want of a better phrase. Higher ground gives you much better views of what you can make possible and this can only come about when you have that attunement to your own personal higher energies.


The more you see does not mean that you have to have it all. Have what you are capable of having and don’t get too far ahead of self.

People make great links but then make the error of lifting more then they need to, which at times can weaken you for the future when you need to be strong.

Only do what is possible.

Look around you and see what links you have with the world, people, etc and ensure that they really are what you want, and that they are taking you places in every way possible.


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