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Tabaash Report - April 2012

You are all born free, and you are all born with the power to express this freedom through the life that you live.

You also come into your life with your own idea of what freedom will mean to you and how you will express the energy of it in your life.

Everyone in the life they live has freedom to be powerful, know the answers that you need, have the success that they desire, and are able to achieve to the level that they wish on all levels.

But of course it is all relative, and as you establish your life through the experiences that you have your idea and expression of freedom changes.


It has been said that there is a price to pay for freedom and in a sense this is true, though that statement should not be looked upon as a negative one.

There are always going to be consequences to your actions and one must always be accountable for where your free will has taken you.

A person with addiction issues may argue the fact that they have the free will to do what ever they wish and of course this is true, but what is the penalty to such an attitude to that person and of course others involved.

All those involved of course have the freedom to decide how they will respond and how they choose to carry with them the outcome of other people’s actions. With freedom comes the energy of SELF RESPONSIBILTY.

Having awareness is all very well, but this awareness means nothing if you are not paying attention to the self and the issues that may need your attention.

Many have found themselves carrying beliefs that are positive and powerful, have harmony and focus and then find themselves carrying out experiences in life that are limiting and destructive.

At times good people do bad things because they have the IDEA of SELF REPSONSIBILITY but are not living the energy enough, and they find themselves caught up into issues that limit them and others. And when these situations occur one would tend to get caught up into a web of other emotions like fear and worry, doubt and distress that makes it ever harder to move back into a productive alignment.


You all have the FREEDO0M and the FREE WILL to change all of this by living out your own particular understanding of freedom.

It's important that you see that your freedom is complimentary to all around you, and you know this by the ease with how you carry out your life and the positive results that you get.

Everyday every human being has an opportunity to practice being freer.

So many are tied up through things that have happened to them, things that have been said, things they have done that they regret and by allowing this you are curtailing your right of your freedom and your right of your expression.

People lock themselves up because of “what has happened” and forget that they themselves in the bigger scale of everything create all situations.

That’s a big bone for some people to pick and many find that very difficult to understand.


So here are some guidelines for you:

  • Every day of your life is conscious of the way or ways that you are free and how you wish to participate in that freedom.
  • Think of ways that you limit your freedom by the way you are carrying experiences of your past.
  • Isolate the areas of your life that are influenced by other people’s issues that you know don’t work for you and in your way be free of this
  • Look at what is the clutter in your life and do what you can to be free of this.
  • Everyday affirm that you were born free and that you choose to live free.

If you have to pay any price for freedom let that price be your focus and clarity that takes you to greater success and happiness in your life.


Blessings to you all


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