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Tabaash Report - September 2011

Speculative and conspiracy theories have a habit of creeping into people’s lives as life events unfold, and physically and emotionally life becomes tougher for people.

These theories almost become farcical as everyday human nature is assaulted on all levels with the enormity of global change A great deal of energy is put into these theories and it does well in regard to taking people away from the ability to actually herald in positive changes.

Changes that are essential to the balance of power on this planet.

Everyday it becomes more obvious that the way everything has been run has to alter. As the old energy breaks down, it puts people and the collective energy of Earth in a rather suspended place, and in this suspension it is vital to be able to see that there are positive guidelines emerging that represent the creation of the new order.

During these times it’s imperative for all human beings to be considerate of their own theories about what is happening, and how life is changing for everybody.

Far too many people get involved in what’s going wrong, and embrace the energy of fear and concern, therefore adding to the collective vibration of  dis-harmony.

It’s also unfortunate that there are always those who wish to be advantaged by this energy and so they will do all they can to perpetrate this way of thinking.

Interesting also how easily it is for human nature to allow itself to be caught up in the conspiracies of fear rather then the energy of balance and global peace and well-being.

Investing in theories that perpetuate doubt, and worry and other thought patterns that limit people, do well to weaken the collective life power therefore allowing one to be overwhelmed by undesirable vibrations that weaken the very core of all levels of consciousness.

I see it as a violation of your very soul, detaching the human nature from the source of life.

It takes away your freedom to be the creator and pretty well throws you to the lions.

Remember, it is your choice to be alive at this very time in history with all that is happening. As a soul you want to be involved in these changes and you know that the choices you have made are vital to your own evolution.

Its not just about excepting that this is the time you live in and you have to adapt, but also the fact that as you all come together, you are able to see that you can actually alter the course of all life and shift the course of life’s path to something that is more constructive then destructive.

But you have to DECONSTRUCT your old patterns so you are able to CONSTRUCT the new ones.

In this process one must be very attentive to the concepts and thought processes you are exposing self to.

One does not want to get caught up into some sort of putrid soup of negative and fear rendering energy that makes you run for the hills, feeling that you are being pursued by forces that are beyond your control.

As this major shift of consciousness becomes more deeply embedded in the consciousness of human nature, one must be aware of your own need to keep shifting your human nature to fit in with the way the soul is changing.

This has to be a daily experience and often many times through the day.

If one is allowing oneself to be caught up into the speculative theories then you will position yourself in a place where you are not in control of your own life and you will have your life interpreted by enfeebling frequencies.


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