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Tabaash Report - November 2011

Collective consciousness is working. As people your thoughts and actions towards a better way of being are working for the better, you are all participating in this and you are receiving the positive energy that stems from the collective shift you are creating.

Awareness is shifting the energy from dense to light and this can be felt in the surge of energy that many of you have been aware of in the last three month’s. To assist this process further it is important that you don’t allow the distractions of the past and the future, to hinder the light energy.

In times past when the soul was the occupant of lighter bodies there was no sense of the past and the future, there was only the “NOW”.

Being in the now was a point of consciousness that allowed you to “BE EVERYTHING”, therefore giving you complete access to unlimited source.

This source contains all that is possible, It also contains all that has been experienced and all that is happening NOW.

When you focus on the energy of NOW you are accessing the central point of consciousness itself, one could say that you are attuning to the very heart of the GOD consciousness.

Here is the very nucleus of life’s power, and you are accessing this by allowing self to be always involved in the now.

When you are conscious of the past and future in a distracting manner, you move away from this nucleus, therefore allowing the energy of what has been and the energy of what is yet to be, to emotionally affect the human nature.

The effect this has on your life is that it pulls you away from the NOW energy which establishes an interruption of the powers ability to direct you clarity in all matters.

In this time, people are aware of a past and a future and so one must arrange the energy of it to your benefit.

The way to use the past is to acknowledge the value and wisdom you have taken from past experiences and register the energy of that with peace and gratitude.

This allows self to open up the channels of energy that draw only positive force from the past, therefore feeding the present.

The energy of this acts as a platform for harmony.

Since the future is full of diverse roads and outcomes, it’s of the essence that one uses the NOW to consider the outcomes that you wish.

Free will is better used from the energy of the moment.

Human nature has been forced through the events in life in recent times to be made more aware of the NOW.

The collective energy of change that is prevailing is placing everyone in an uncertain position therefore leaving people facing the position they are in NOW, rather then where they are going.

At this very time in history you all have to afford the NOW so that you can be CERTAIN of the future. The uncertainty has created its own sense of positivity, making people stop and collectively change in a manner that has brought more of the positive energy together. This itself is a saving grace.


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