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Tabaash Report - June 2011

People have often said that you can’t choose the family that you are born into, and this is far from the truth.

When you are lining up another lifetime the family you choose to be born into is extremely relevant to the life that you will have. Family dynamics are by far the biggest mould that you will create in this life; from this mould your first interpretations of the world begin. And it began way before you began this present life. Your present family, and all involved have been involved with each other for many, many lifetimes. You have all developed emotional attachments to each other on diverse levels. And it is because of these attachments that you are together again now. There is no mistaking the fact that you have ALL chosen to be a part of each other’s lives. The dynamics of a family offer you all a ready-made collective consciousness ready to be explored fully. While you were out there in spirit planning this life you linked in with all souls that are prominent in your own energy fields. As you observed these links you established formulas that would offer you opportunities to evolve, resolve and understand you as a soul in a body.

There are never ever any WRONG relationships, they are all created in a manner that gives you carte blanche to express and expand your understanding of life.
First step of course is the choosing of the “parents”. You may have been their parent in a previous life and therefore swapping the role. Each parent of course possesses an aspect of your own personality consequently mirroring each other.
Most souls will create parents and siblings that have similar lessons in life to understand establishing a familiarity of energy. This familiarity allows a blend of energies that creates core energy in the unit. Each soul of course has its own personal idiosyncrasies and this collective unit helps to bring a good blend of all the varied interests that come with each person involved. When one looks at the weaknesses of the parents, you may choose to allow certain aspects of those weaknesses in your life, establishing conditions that you learn from, evolve from, and of course hurt from. As you grow and achieve knowledge of self more you realize that you do not have to affect by these old conditions and naturally start to shake off the old patterns. Easier said then done! The influence of these souls is enormous and one can spend a lifetime making peace with parental issues.

To assist this process its imperative that you first and foremost remember that of all the parents you could have created, you established the links with them, in that way. Hard to swallow when it’s been brutal and violent, abusive and aggressive. Its still a choice though and many may wonder why one would want to create such a situation, you only need to look towards your own soul and understand that ALL CONDITIONS are vital ways of learning and evolving. And as much as people may find it difficult to fathom, infanticide, child abuse on all levels are a journey the soul creates.

Each person involved in a family is an opportunity to evolve the collective energy of that group. Each soul has their own particular brand of magic that they bring with them. Its like a gift each has and they want to present this gift to the family as they grow and evolve together. Parents, who see this early in a child, are able to assist that soul in the recognition of what their true vocations in life are, as well as what they as parents are able to offer to the children. A family unit is a group of souls with a whole lot of agreements that need to be put into order. The sooner that the order is recognized the better it will be for all involved. The sooner it is seen who plays what role naturally the easier it becomes for agreements and harmony. Of course you may have some souls who are not at all interested in the family dynamics, and so they may be born into a situation where they are the only child, or may have parents who have organised the unit in such a way where there is very little in the way of family contact. Business parents who send their children to boarding school from an early age are a good example of this. There is a connection but other things are more important then the family unit. Some souls are born to parents, and can’t wait to move away from home. They have no link with siblings and want to stand independent and free as quickly as possible. Some family groups are close as children and young parents but as they all grow up everyone pretty well goes their own separate way.

Of course there are those who adore their families always and they can’t get enough of each other. People like to often hold that up as the idyllic family situation, but there really isn’t one is there? How could there be when you have to take into consideration that all these souls are making all these choices to evolve in all those different ways. As you grow up and understand more of what you really are in all its multi dimensional opportunities, then you find that you create different families in your life. A family is not just who is of your blood, it is
Kindred energy that is established by centuries of experiences with many souls and you seek for those souls all the lives you live, because you love them and you want to love them again. You have learned form each other and you want to carry on doing so. With some you have made special agreements to inspire each other and of course others in your circle. Your union as friends, or whatever, is like a lighthouse for others who benefit greatly from your connection.

Have a good think abut the family you were born into and however the situation allows self to be grateful for what has been. If you have let it go and you feel that is how it should be, then be at peace with that and don’t feel an obligation to be more then you can. Don’t ever feel guilty about evolving naturally. Look at the friends and people in your life that you consider being like a family to you, a sister or a brother. Love them with all your heart and soul and be proud that they are in your life. And let yourself be open to those who show love to you, and teach you new ways of being in your life. All of you everyday bring people into your life that is like that. Show the affection and receive it whole-heartedly.
And above all value the great collective energy that you all create by being part of the biggest family ever created. All humanity, as one family being each other’s keepers in the way’s you can.

With love and Blessing to you all



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