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Tabaash Report - July 2011


All of you are literally setting yourself up all of the time.

There is a positioning of energy that you go through everyday, through the day and this positioning never stops, even when you are asleep.

Once you sleep your soul continues the positioning of your energies on other levels drawing from the more unlimited power that is accessible to you when you are asleep.

In this state you are drawing in ideas that will become the new experiences you will have.

What you draw in matches up with your intent, so there is never any random energy that you attract.

With the knowledge of this it’s important to be very directive of this energy through the day, hence the necessity of the structures that you establish in your day and the awareness you practice.

You are looking for the best formulas that give you the best energy that gives you the BEST results in your life, and yet most people don’t spend precious moments positioning their thoughts, words and deeds.

It’s these precious moments that align you with an energy that is scared and divine and very powerful.

Every fiber of your being is related to this energy and it recognizes it when you spend those moments inviting it in.

This is a time when its very important to acknowledge the power of the divine self and the work it has to do in your own personal survival on all levels.

Without this power, without this acknowledgment you really are nothing.

You will struggle and suffer in your human nature, evermore trying to “find” something or to “work it out”.

Your life was not established as an experience to be worked out.

The working out of it always tires you out, leaving you with no energy and often no moves forward to the goals that you want to reach.

One important reality of your life is that you have established it exactly the way you want it to based on the positioning of your thoughts and actions.

Aligning the GOD energy with these thoughts and actions places you in an advantageous position.

It gives you all the “right” energy that enables you the balance that you seek.

It’s this BALANCE that is recognized by the body and mind states, a state that is programmed in all, as the natural state.

As you set up each day both consciously and unconsciously you are accessing the files of your own truths.

The information from these files already has its order.

With your own intent of the day you emit a frequency that calls up the appropriate file to match your intent.

The file is then recognized by you and then opened and downloaded into you.

As you go through the day you become aware of the energy of this information through your ideas and actions.

Take the moments in the beginning of your day to be conscious of this process.

Make yourself aware of your intent and direct the energy of life specifically in the way that you want it.

Don’t allow random energy to fly around.

It has no purpose to you and simply creates clutter in the fields of energy.

The day has structure and “sets”.

Establish the energy of each “set” to ensure the best results!




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