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Tabaash Report - December 2011

As I mentioned in my last report there has been a definite shift of consciousness that is now enabling a new stability to be felt, and a new sense of hope that has not been prevalent for sometime.

This hope is a powerful energy that is imperative to what is created and experienced in 2012.

When there is hope one is open to more choice and its these choices that make the difference between living a life that is full of conflict to one of freedom and harmony.

Even though it may not seem so too many, there is a new hope that has emerged through the confrontational energy of 2011.

The ways people have had to face themselves through all that has occurred has made people look towards themselves and each other with a new light.

When you see life in a new light, it changes the way that you perceive and experience your life.

The natural state of life is that it evolves, and the natural state of you is the same.

With all that has passed through this year the energy of life has evolved rapidly, and it has been hard to keep up with the changes that have occurred.

This rapid movement of energy has affected everything, and the poor human bodies have had a time of it adjusting and adapting on a daily level!

The end of 2011, is the end of an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual cycle that has been in motion for the last 500 years.

The development of human nature takes a great turn into a soul energy that has never been experienced on this planet before.

Turning this corner means that you now offer up to yourself new prospects of life to invest in.

Each individual will become acquainted with these prospects each day as you all unfold the life energy in the manner that suits you.

In a way it is a time of your own “personal truth”.

This personal truth has embedded in it the very intentions you agreed to participate in before you were born.

These intentions are the voices you possess that represent glorious outcomes for you in all ways of your life.

These truths are aligned with GODS power.


Yes it has been so difficult to ride through this energy storm that has violated all that people have known as the norm and constant.

You are not victims but great pioneers in a time in history that is unique and defining.

Don’t’ look at this time as a test, that perspective puts far too much pressure on people to achieve unrealistic and unachievable goals, see it rather as a time that you have chosen to be in, knowing that you own the rights to your life and no-one else.

Know that if everyday you weave your life power through your day in a conscious and productive manner, then you will understand they ways to take this new energy and invest in such an approach that will expand your consciousness beyond what you presently live.

Daily be conscious of your God nature; always register your intent for the day, be the driver not the passenger, follow you not others. Wait not for someone to save you, save yourself. And always, always be true to your own voices, which are many in this life that you live.

Love and blessings to you.


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