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Tabaash Report - August 2011

When you make the choice to once again come into a body you bring with you all the intent in regards to how you wish the life you are going to live, to be.

One would never ever come unprepared.

You also bring with you all the personal talents and vocations that befit the expressions of that lifetime.

I like to call these expressions your “voices”.

Everybody has them and everybody has many of them. These voices are always pure and unconditional, they come from the many experiences that you have had through history, and you have developed them with every life that they were a part of.

These voices are anything from your intellectual capabilities to your artistic talents and your physical acumens.

What ever they may be they are all your choice and there has not been anything random about the choices that you have made.

Through the life that you live you will look at the ways that you may wish to further develop these abilities, but you do have to be really careful about what you let get in the way of your success.

A recent example of this is the singer Amy Winehouse.

This soul brought into her life a raw pure musical talent but surrounding her talent was the karma around her addictions.

These addictions overwhelmed her talent and therefore he life was lost.

People say with talent and fame there is always a price to pay. I don’t’ see it that way.

Everybody has the responsibility to direct their own energies down whatever road they travel.

If you choose a life where you will become famous through your talents then you did choose that road because you knew that you wanted that and that you could cope with that. And this could be said of any profession that you will succeed in.

As you succeed more and more then there is always a certain pressure that is put on you. Also, you become more conscious not only of your strengths but of your weaknesses and that whey it’s so important to always be at peace with who ever you are, however you are living.

The more you raise your game the more important it is to look at what simple changes have to be made, so that you never get to a place where you are out of control, or feel that others are in control.

Whatever you do in life, be it a singer, an accountant, a channel, a doctor etc you must always feel that you are able to be in charge of your talent, directing it the way that you know is natural to you.

You have to know when to step back a little and have a look at the bigger picture, enabling you to see if there are important changes that need to be made.

If you don’t make these changes then you can get a build up of energy that puts pressure on you in many ways. It’s this pressure that leads to people making choices against their own better judgment and therefore leading to reaching for crutches that will not carry them.

Life is full of incidents where people have been unable to cope with the pressure of success, or just the pressure of life. Its easy when one is weak to look for something in a bottle, or in a packet that for the moment gives you that feeling that you are in control.

This just gives you a false sense of the security you seek. Invariably it breaks down your ability to do the driving and so you find that your addictions do the driving.

If you are powerful, you have come to be that. If you have a talent in music and you can achieve world fame, you have come to do that.

Whatever you have come to be or say or do, that’s what you want and you all have the capability to do it to the max as you all say!

And so as you succeed and accomplish, take the moment to see that you are in control of how it is all panning out, make whatever changes you need to and continue to create more and enjoy more the wonderful talents and vocations you have chosen to have.

Love and Blessings


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