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Tabaash Report - 31 January 2011

Every new year, every new experience, person, event carries its own unique and special energy. It usual for most people to simply take for granted that when they move into new energies that they will simply and easily adapt into this new energy. However, its very important to be conscious of the change and in your own way, inform yourself that there is a change and the rules may now be different. As I have mentioned in the past, everything is a formula and one is practicing many diverse formulas through the day. These formulas are relevant to the emotional, physical and intellectual energies you are participating in. As you evolve and change the formula, then the way you will respond to your lives experiences will be different.

As an example, think of a situation where one has been involved in a relationship for some time, and the relationship has ended. You are no longer participating in the same energies and therefore your mind, body and spirit will not benefit from the old vibrations. You have to establish a new form of order for yourself on all those levels.

A simple thing to do would be to Inform your mind and body that there have been changes in your life, and that the rules are now different. Remember, your body and mind know how to look after you if you put it clearly in the picture. Most would assume that things will fall into place or they would hope for the best. Being more directive is a more profitable choice to everything concerned.

Moving offshore is another time where it is really important to inform yourselves of the changes that are occurring. To suddenly plunge your whole being into new environments without informing the selves, is a sort of violation to the senses, and it needs to know what’s happening so that it can adapt itself to the new vibrations.

I believe its vital to daily inform your mind and body what’s in store for the day and the way that you wish to progress with it. If you establish the habit of doing so you, are setting up a level of cooperation between all the selves, and so they align you more appropriately with the energies that connect you with the natural rhythms that work for you.



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