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Tabaash Report - February 2011

Dear People of Christchurch,

Your heart is broken but your soul is alive. In human nature terms its impossible to make sense of the mayhem that you are experiencing at this time.  And you can’t make sense of this; you understand it through what you are feeling, through your hurt, your pain, your confusion and all the many mixed emotions your body is assaulted with daily. You are walking the edge but you will not fall. You all have a great deal going for you. Your wonderful, powerful gentle beings that can create will create more life from this. And the life that you will create will be bigger and greater, because from all of this you emerge bigger and greater.

This is not a test; this is a life experience that as “souls” you choose to engage in. You are a big collective family that is a heart that beats. As this heart beats, it sends out the force of life through the arteries that are each of you, sending forth the will and power to live and to give each other life. More then ever your message to each other, to this country, to this world is the very life that you are living.

This is personal to all of you, which is why you are there and have gone through this. And because it is personal you must all in your own way look at what this means to you. This offers up a chance to look at your life, the way you live it. The way you think and feel, the way that you are creating your life. It is a chance to look at where you are in your life, how you are with the people in your life. What really is important to you in this journey you are involved in. Your life will never ever be the same and so make a new deal with yourself. Look at the terms you now want to live by. Look at the people who are in your life and the way you wish to develop the connections with these people. Do the old hurts matter now? Are the old grudges important? Is it not time to speak ‘I love you”,” You are important to me”, and “I’m sorry”? Reach out and hold onto what is dear and sacred to you, carry those who need it at this point, allow yourself to be carried, don’t stand alone through this. Link in as that greater family with that bigger heart and send the pulse of life to each other.

Some may ask ‘Why has God allowed this to happen”? God has not created this. The Earth is a living force of energy like you. It has a soul like you. It breath’s and evolves, like you. It’s expanding and changing its opening up to new energy and new life. Like you it redefines itself as changes happen. And so with this great change, all have the chance to redefine life, and the way that it needs to be structured so that something wonderful comes from all of this.

And what of those who have lost their lives in this event? Those souls before they were born had already established this experience as part of their own personal chance to evolve themselves and of course to teach others.

This is a form of awakening that is showing you to live differently.

Love one another more openly; cherish those who are so dear to you. Put away all the pettiness that life at times is full of. Be wonderful parents and siblings and friends, be each other’s keepers in the ways you can. And talk to God and all in spirit, call for the strength you need, the guidance you want. For God loves you, deeply and is there for all who ask.

And remember this; in our greatest challenges of life we often find that our deeply hidden beliefs are exposed and available for healing.

With Love and Blessings


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