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Tabaash Report - May 2011

One of the most devastating of human emotions is “FEAR”. It can be such a crippling energy, stopping people from getting the results they want out of their life. It’s a vibration that can manifest itself in so many varied ways and everyone possesses this energy. Many will use fear as an important “karmic” emotion enabling them to evolve through the disruption that the fear may cause. Inevitably one will grow out of the need to use fear as a way of evolving and the energy will no longer have such a hold on people.

It’s a real “biggie” for a great deal of people on Earth at present.  Physically, mentally and spiritually people are facing their fears in a myriad of ways. From a spiritual perspective people are being presented with new belief systems that take them out of their comfort zones, being confronted with ideas and situations that shake the boat so to speak. This can be very unsettling as it shakes the very foundation of what some people’s lives have been built on. When they are faced with ideas that particularly put them in the driving seat of their lives, the “fear” reaction can be such as to render them insentient! This response makes any change unachievable leaving the person suspended in a state of uncertainty, fear, anger and at times defiance. They may build walls of mistrust around them, protecting the hallowed ground of what they know and therefore keeping them locked into an old energy. As you evolve in your GOD nature this higher energy is there to assist you in the transition from fear based energy that blocks your productivity to energy that is productive and profitable to your souls evolution. Everybody in the life they live will at times be confronted by a spiritual idea that will challenge them. If you have attracted this to you, look at your response as that tells you about yourself.

From a physical standpoint fear can literally make people stop in their tracks. It weakens them to the degree where they are even unable to literally move. It can actually change the whole bio- chemical energy in your body and shut you down. Another effect is that it can also stimulate the adrenal glands and propel you forth with super human abilities! Allowing fear to be the enemy in your body can create illness in the body both on minor and major levels.

From a mental point of view it can allow you to blow things totally out of proportion, establishing in you assumptions that have no credence. You can create issues that will destabilize your whole life and lead to attitudes and actions that one would later regret. Your thoughts create your feelings, and then become the conditions of your life.

Fear needs to be put to rest, and the easiest way to do so is intellectually make peace with it. As you offer up this idea to your selves, and you are consistent with the practice of this idea the soul will absorb this energy, and it will attract a vibration that is palatable to the body. As the body feels this energy it creates chemicals that allows the person to expand beyond the fear, and a new platform to create from is established.

Some Things To Do

Make peace with your fear, it is not the enemy

Inform the Body and the Mind that it does not accept FEAR

Don’t try to understand it, if you need to, your soul will guide you to whatever understanding you need

Daily empty yourself of whatever fears you have

Remember you are GOD

Do; feed the Mind and Body and Spirit daily

Don’t assume the worst

Love your whole being with all your soul

Don’t engage in anything that reminds you to be afraid. This can be what you read, people in your life, events, ideas.

I Am God living Without Fear

Love and Blessings



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