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Tabaash Report - February 2011

I wish to bring up the subject of autism and other behavioral problems in the children today. An important point to make which has been made before is that every soul that incarnates makes the choice to be alive in the bodies that they are in. And there are no errors of judgment made. The soul is completely independent in the choices it makes.

These children are souls who have had very few incarnations on Earth. They tend to come from pasts where they have lived in total harmony, love and balance. They know GOD, they know peace, and they know what it is like for all beings to live together as a collective beautiful consciousness that is all there for one and other. They do not recognize conflict as a form of expression. They are highly attuned souls, who are born with a great perceptivity and sensitivity to many other dimensions beyond Earth. Many can and do access these dimensions whilst they are alive on Earth, and they gather information and guidance from these sources.

For some of these souls it is very difficult and awkward being in an Earth physical body with all its limitations and density. They are used to being in more light bodies that allows them freedom of expression on a level not known on Earth. Many of these souls have chosen to come here to be observers and they send unconscious telepathic messages to other dimensions that are monitoring the changes that this planet is currently going through. On a more conscious level these messages are sent through the talents that these souls posses. This can come be transmitted through musical, mathematical, and certain academic abilities the souls show in their lives. They may have obsessive tendencies towards a particular subject or ability and it is in these abilities that they often take refuge from the confusion that they find themselves involved in whilst on Earth.

A sense of order is important for these souls; certain patterns and rules in their lives are important formulas they are following, to help them stay adjusted to where they are. Aggressive behavioral patterns can be expressed if these formulas are somehow disturbed. Whilst alive these souls will always keep their distance from most people. At times they may recognize a person whose soul is on such a GOD frequency, that they will attune themselves to this person and see them as a sort of lifeline. They will be calm and settled amongst these people, and show no dysfunctional behavior.

These children will love carefully and when they do, show total and absolute devotion.

The very worst thing that one could do with these children is to fill them up full of drugs. This can have the effect of actually increasing psychosis in the child leading to very damaging mental issues, and physical as well. Diet is important with these children, light and simple foods void of all additives, chemicals and refined sugars.

A vegetarian diet is preferable to these bodies and is best introduced in early childhood.

Security, love and sense of order are vital. Knowing that they have their own space, but also knowing that there are others on hand so they know they are not alone. Creativity should be encouraged as this allows the soul outlets for energy they have stored up.

People are often to quick to assume that these children are sick and need sorting out. Their souls need to be fed and fed daily. They understand the SOUL, they don’t understand dense bodies and fear and hatred and all those emotions that give so much pain. When they express pain in ways that seem extreme they are actually GRIEVING for what they see and feel. Some of these children often suffer from eczema and bronchial problems, related to the fact that they are wanting to “break out” and are smothered by the dense energy of Earth.

Fill them with love, feed their souls and they will adapt more easily to the choice they have made to be on Earth.

Love and blessings


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