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Tabaash Report - April 2011

A couple of weeks ago we had an email from a woman who asked if the world was coming to an end, she said she was frightened for herself and for her children.

Considering the geological shifts that are happening on the planet, the extreme weather patterns, and of course the upheaval in the Middle East and not to mention the shifting socio/economic patterns, worldwide one can imagine how real her fears must be!

The world is not coming to an end.

Everything has to change now and the acceleration of this is so evident to all, and very perplexing and frightening to so many.

There is method on this madness though.

I think of Julius Caesar when he amassed his army to go back into Rome after his exile.

There was a river that needed to be crossed called the Rubicon, this river represented the point of no return, the point where there was no turning back.

As a human race you have crossed a spiritual Rubicon.

Having crossed this means that you have now established a journey of such proportion as a collective consciousness, that the need to stand in total harmony Mind, Body and Spirit is essential to the positive evolution of all.

All methods without the knowledge of GOD and the practice of GOD in some way only leads to forms of destruction.

The lack of conscious practiced spirituality in the world, has led to the establishment of systems that are based on ego, greed, violence, and destruction and the complete dismissal of life as a sacred act of expression.

GOD does not run you anymore; you are run by multi corporate whose God is PROFIT.

To gain profit people are put in danger, and their lives so organised by this new God profit that they become saturated by what they can get from this, how they can achieve more with this, how they can become more powerful from this.

The God profit has turned their heads and taken them away from what is natural.

The effect of this on the Earth is physically disruptive.

The Earth being a living energy as you are, is consistently being violated.

It is tantamount to you as human beings having your organs ripped from you and expected to live.

Everything about you is so created to work in harmony so you can function healthily in your life.

The Earth was created the same way.

All the minerals in the Earth actually have a purpose of keeping energy in balance, through and around the Earth itself.

There is so much disruption now because of what humanity has done, that the natural changes that are occurring have no strong core to re establish the new energy in the way it should.

Natural changes occur in the planets all the time, but if the planets are in their full harmony then there is little notice of the shifts that occur.

When things are disturbed everything becomes for want of a better phrase topsy-turvy!

This constant disruption creates an energy field that can actually build up pressure under and around the Earth itself.

Where there is a concentrated energy of density, disruption, negativity or imbalance this is where one would often find conflicts or what you people like to call “natural disasters”

And so you see what has happened to countries in this world that are ruled by business and profit.

Countries so organised to serve the God profit that it turns its people into commodities in the hope of a higher profit margin. And the cost to the environment, to people’s sanity, to the spiritual core of the countries is enormous, placing countries in such despair and distress, creating a total imbalance in life. And look at the price people have to pay when things become so out of balance.

So if the world is not coming to an end, what has to end to stop this madness that seems to be prevailing?

Already you are seeing the end of many political regimes that have been ruled by despotic men who are full of greed and the need to overpower others.

These types of rulers represent the old energy and since this energy has had its day, so to be rulers who rule with such indifference to the people of the countries they live in.

The mining of the planet, the dumping of toxic wastes, the pollution of the waters and not to forget the burying of toxic wastes in the Earth, and in the ocean.

The seismic activity that is occurring can shake this stuff up and it can leak into the ground, the water, and the atmosphere. And then there is the tyranny of people towards each other, which hardly adds justice to the words “Be your brothers keeper”.

All this is changing; this is what’s happening to the world, its being cleaned out and if people on Earth don’t do it, the Earth will do what it always has done, it will look after itself. If you all look after each other together, it can and will change. And if you look after you in all ways, you can make wonderful changes in your life.



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