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The energy of grief is a huge challenge to people. Whoever has experienced this, is aware of the great diversity of emotions that are attached to grief. One feels like your very soul has been wrenched away from your body and its hard to image that you will ever feel any different, and ever get over what you are feeling. And grief is also an energy that you will never get over. It’s really a form of love, and why would you want to get over that? Ones extreme feelings take you to the rawest of places and strips you bare of all human sense. Grief can be a dangerous energy though if you become obsessed by its intensity, and not allow self to move beyond the first stages of its assault on the senses.

Whatever you experience in your life, it is still a part of the deal that you have made. All the emotions that come with that deal are aspects of the agreement that you want to participate in. Now, when it comes to the energy of intense grief, you may well ask the question “Why would anyone want to participate in that?” Since the grief energy is so emotionally based this may be a trigger for people who NEED to feel more. The grief allows them to expose the concentrated energy that grief holds and gives them an opportunity to experience such extreme emotions. It can take people who are too much in their head, and into the heart. It gives people the opportunity to say more, in many diverse

ways. The interesting thing also is that people who are more emotional can use grief as a trigger to become more logical, and discover a strength that they believed they did not have. It brings up survival in people, it brings in leadership and opens them up to something more then their human nature.

History has shown that all cultures establish a code of ethics around the dealing of grief. It’s interesting to note that in some places when a person dies there is great rejoicing but when a new baby is born, though not treated with indifference, it is not necessarily seen as a joyful event, since that soul has had to come back again into the limited energy of a body.

Of course grief is not just relegated to the death experience. Through life grief will be felt in the break up of a marriage. The loss of a job, rejection, the missing out on an opportunity that you had your heart set on. And of course you feel for the loss of your pets and things that are precious to you on the material level.

There is no answer to grief. It is a process that you live through. You grow from it, you become more because of it. There are opportunities in grief that can teach others and a person passing and the way they have passed can be a great legacy for others.

If one truly understands and lives the concept of your spirituality, then you see that grief is a human nature response to your attachment to life as something physical. By living more as souls on a conscious level it prepares you better for the times when you will experience the physical separation from those souls whose lives you are a part of. It’s a very important energy on Earth and there is no moving away from it. Its very intensity allows an honest look at self .


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