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Disease In The Human Body

When you are deal making out in spirit when you choose to incarnate, you will look at ALL the physical and mental possibilities that you can experience in life. This includes illness on both physical and mental levels. Since all human experience offers you the chance to evolve, some souls will choose to do so by the experience of disease. This is a very individual thing and that is why some people will recover and others will not. A soul may opt for the understanding it achieves through a supposed terminal illness and accept the inevitable and then make a full recovery, whilst others may choose the same circumstances but the body will die from the disease. As has been stressed before, all life’s experiences are choices that the soul makes. Be this a young person, or someone in the prime of their life.

All souls come with All Possibilities and it may take certain events in a person’s life to trigger off a file that may open and lead to the sickness in the body. This is why it is so important to daily feed the body and the mind the idea of its GOD nature. This is why it is so important to always be in harmony with the natural forces of life and not go against what you are. The body and mind know that its natural state is to be super human and always healthy, and it needs to be reminded this by you the soul. You do this by achieving a consistent alignment with Mind. Body and Spirit.

Some souls choose dementia or Alzheimer’s as a form of karmic lesson. There are some who get to a point where they are no longer capable of gathering anymore and so its like they place a stop button on progressing, and seemingly regress to a state of complete reliance on others for their well being. They move to a state of emotional innocence and inevitably regress to the place where they are in a seemingly vegetated state. This is not so. The soul is in and out of the body and is moving between the dimensions. The soul visits spirit and gathers from that level occasionally returning to the body when something or someone triggers an “awakening”. Blair visited a relative some years ago who had Alzheimer’s and she was mostly “out to it”. When Blair arrived and he made his greetings she suddenly to the amazement of the staff, sat up, had a normal animated conversation with Blair for about half an hour. When the visit came to an end, she thanked Blair for coming to see her gave him a hug, and then it was as if something had switched the light off.

They were always close and so her soul recognised the vibration of Blair’s soul and therefore thought it worthwhile to have the visit! In some cases the person may not like the vibration of some people and so stay “shut down”.

There is a great deal the soul suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s is doing whilst they are on other stations. They are working out a great deal in this state, before they finally pass into spirit. When they finally do pass people often say what a happy release after being trapped in that body. They have never been trapped since the soul can move out of the body and visit other realms. The same can be said for those who are in comatose states; they are in and out of the body having the experience that allows them to evolve.

To ensure you NEVER become ill on any level, ensure you never accept any form of dense energy. Daily empty the Mind and Body of the vibrations that can lead to all forms of DIS-EASE. Establish the best deal for yourself everyday. And don’t say it’s too hard! For all parents with young children, raise your children by teaching them that HEALTH is a natural state, and be responsible for what you are feeding them on ALL levels. This gives them a greater choice. Remember though, it may be that some of these young souls may CHOOSE illness as a karmic opportunity. The lessons learned from all involved are important to their own Mind Body and Spirit evolution.


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