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How many times in your life have you been given an opportunity to forgive, and you passed up on it, instead preferring to let your bitterness or anger get the better of you and therefore allowing a situation to breed more contempt. How many times in your soul development have you found that the way to evolve was to let something of the past go, and you decided not to, refusing to see the situation as part of the way you could evolve.

Every human being is daily being faced with many conscious and unconscious opportunities to wipe the slate clean of something, liberating you from former conflicts that you have long outgrown.

There are situations where people want to move and be forgiven and forgive but they have such a fear of being rejected or humiliated that they would prefer to stay estranged. They carry a form of shame with them and have convinced themselves that all is lost and there really is no point because they truly believe that NOTHING can change or will change. Nobody wants to take a step forward and put out the olive branch feeling that it will be knocked form his or her hand.

Some years ago a client came to me with the great news that his Father, who had been estranged for 30 years from his family was now back in the fold. A brother had discovered that the father was terminally ill, lived alone with no one to care for him. An arrangement was made for the Father to spend his final days with the estranged family and during that time there was much healing and much love, and when the father finally passed there was the feeling that they had all done well and been able to put the past to rest allowing them all to have clear conscious as “We had all made peace with Dad” I listened and heard the happiness in this young mans voice and was pleased for him and that the family had been able to forgive and embrace Father with unconditional love. I also said to him that this was a very sad story.

He looked at me in puzzlement and of course asked “Why”?

I replied sad because it had taken 30 years, and sad because you had done this whilst this man was on his deathbed and not while he was alive and there was plenty of time to LIVE with him in your life instead of having 30 years of resentments and angers and all that they experienced. What was it that you had to invest in all those years in that way? What did you take from that? Were questions I asked him?

He went very quiet and became very thoughtful. There were tears in his eyes and he looked up at me and said, “Tabaash I am very ashamed of myself”

I’m not judging you, I said gently, it’s very easy to believe you are doing the right thing in those sorts of circumstances and what you all did was a good thing. It allowed you all to collectively be a part of the healing and you were all able to say goodbye to Dad with love. It just would have been more preferable to have days when you said ‘’Hello to Dad” in love while he was alive and able to be a part of life.

That wasn’t a hard lesson learned it was more of an awareness of how people at times don’t see the chances they have to put things right earlier.

There is a lot of chances that you are all being given at this time to clear up the old energy from the times of yore as you find yourself meeting up with people from the past that you may have had some conflict with. Its like GOD is saying to you.” Okay, here is a chance for you to put this right and no longer have to carry this with you.” It can be subtle or it may take a major role in your life. It’s still your creation, as you want to face self and understand how you are running your life. As you clear these things you release yourself form the energy of that time and situation that may have been weighing down upon you for sometime. The carrying of this energy may have had the most devastating effect on you and you feel so RELIEVED that you know longer carry the burden.

Its also interesting to note that in many cases you may form a new relationship with the conflict people of the past and know love and joy with that individual never thinking that would ever happen.

How much are you carrying with you now that through the years you have packaged away thinking that by putting it in some place you don’t have to face it, deal with it, confront it? And how much a times does it seem to creep up out if its supposed container reminding you that its still there. A little feeling of panic, a gut-wrenching reminder of past misdemeanours that you were hoping would vanish because you had “moved on” and put all of that behind you.


All things people say when they are confronted by the things they have buried deep.

Now I’m not saying that you have to wear the t-shirt or place an add in the Gazette. Its about your open honesty to self and knowing there is always a time to confront self with certain issues and aspects of your personality that you realize need to change. As you become more comfortable with your honesty to self you become more open in other ways and had nothing more to hide at all.

I think of the singer Ricky Martin who recently announced publicly that, and to quote him “I am a very fortunate homosexual man”. This announcement must be extremely emancipating for him having lived his entire career under the speculative umbrella. What pressure some people are put under to conform to what is accepted and not. And everybody does it be it your sexuality, roles in life you play, as a woman in business, just to name a few.

Love and blessings


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