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Tabaash Speaks - March 2010

During this first decade of the Twenty-first Century the planet Earth and its people have been bombarded with some atrocious wake up calls in the guise of terrorism, economic meltdown, environmental issues, political and social upheaval that seem to have been unprecedented in the history of this planet. Though one may look back on your history and recent events of the past that may seem as major as what is happening now, it is more the rapidity of how events are happening that makes one realize that you are all facing a great deal in a very short time.

And the most mitigating factor of all this is how it has an effect on you as people and of course as souls. There are the obvious socio/economic pitfalls to the events that have been happening that are rapidly changing the structures that the world is run by. These changes have been hugely damaging to the reputations of the old systems that have maintained the control of the world’s infrastructures since the end of your second world war. And as the world seems to be in the birth pangs of the new systems that will mould the future these old draconian methods are proving to be unable to move towards a time when the people of the world are no longer prepared to be run by conflict and money. This huge alteration in the values that the world has been run by had produced an enormous amount of fear worldwide and it is this fear that indeed is a very worrisome energy. It is the collective fear that creates an energy barrier that stops the harmonious energies from being able to have positive influences on your world and all that is a part of it. This barrier basically works as a mirror to you and therefore you are being mirrored by your own fear on a world collective level.

The implications of this to all of you if not changed will be that you create more upheavals on all levels and so the FEAR FACTOR is something that one must pay attention to and CHANGE. A hard ask you might say? Considering the way that most people allow fear as a part of their lives and feel it is an emotion that has to be a part of peoples lives than YES I suppose you could say that it is HARD for most people to live without the energy of fear. Since most do not live their lives by the conscious formula of MIND, BODY, SPIRIT one can assume that most people will allow the energy of fear into their lives despite the best intentions not to.

Fear is a human emotional based energy that affects your human nature and the circumstances of the lives you have created. It has no effect on your soul. Your fears are linked in with how you will hurt, what you will lose, how you will be disempowered, how you will be alone, your finances, your health, your positions in your world. Fear is a very numbing self-defeating energy that when it gets a hold on you can destroy what you have created in your life and stop you from moving forward in your life. It is energy that for century’s leaders, chiefs, governments and the like have been using consciously to maintain control of the masses by keeping them fear based and powerless.

And now you have a time in your life when you need to stand up to this fear and challenge the power that it may have in your own life. Imagine what you yourself are doing to the collective energy of life by emitting your own fear-based vibrations into the world. Or more simply, your own families, work situations, your bodies, and your minds? Your systems are not created to embrace any form of dense energy and that’s why your systems will always have a negative response to any vibration you bring in that is not GOD based.

As the old systems of power struggle to stay in control by fighting against the natural tide of change so to are you doing the same in MIND, BODY. You have been so used to running self in these ways that they seem to have taken on a life of their own, or so it seems to you, and one finds one self in a constant and never ending battle. From our perspective in spirit this is what we believe you can do to eliminate fear from the life you live. To begin, never see it as an enemy that you need to rid self of. It's there, you have agreed to allow self to have it as a part of you and so it is there by YOUR invitation. It has not gatecrashed a party! Allow self to acknowledge the wisdom you have accumulated through your fear. Personify your fear; if it was physical is it a male or a female to you? This may have a bearing on how you tend to deal with the energy and also gives you an indication of the emotional connection you have with it, this may have stemmed from other lives or this one.

Thank your fear. Tell it you are grateful for whatever experiences you have had with it and that you no longer need to relate to it anymore on a human nature level. Forgive self for allowing fear to be a part of your life and allow your soul self to tell your body and mind self the new deal so it knows that you no longer have the energy of fear as an emotional component. Your fears are often manifested in the guise of people in your life who may have some sort of power over you. This may be major or minor, it may be someone close in your life, it may be the bank manager or the body corporate of your apartment building making you pay out vast sums of money you can ill afford. It may be your neighbours or your teacher. Whatever it is they are still mirrors of the self that you have made agreements with so you can evolve. And you are evolving; this is what it has always been about. The energy of this decade has allowed you so much evolution and this is a wonderful thing. If you can see beyond the fear factor then you can see the value of what you have been through. You then make the changes that are needed so as not to ever attract experiences that will make you look at and face your fear.

People are afraid of the future and that is not a good way to create a better world. How can you have a better world if you are afraid of what is in front of you? Your guard will be up, you will have a dense energy around you, and you will wear many types of MIND, BODY, and armour. Not the best way to be a creator. Lets conquer first and THEN I can be at peace! Decide to STOP having fear in your life, work from that point, and be FEARLESS 

Love and blessings


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