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Tabaash - December 2009

Because you are POWERFUL, because your are EXTRAORDINARY, because you are SENSATIONAL, because you are DYNAMIC etc,etc,etc, to quote Yul Brynner from the film, The King And I, you have become a conscious practitioner of the development of ALL the selves that make you, you. This journey that you have decided to embark on is one that you know, and the feelings you have about this journey IMPEL you to cast aside the formulas that have been limiting to you, and replace them with the natural ability you have to create life.

All of the Mind, Body, Spirit experiences that you have been participating in have been set up for you to challenge the ideas and feelings that you have been running your life by, and replace them with new ideas and feelings, that enable you to live life through, rather than work life through. And human nature does rather like to become addicted to the concept of working through their lives! Here are a few limited concepts that human nature is very good at quoting.

I have to FIGHT for freedom.
I STRUGGLE to succeed.
This situation will be the DEATH of me.
It's HARD but then, thats life.
Life has to have it's HARDSHIPS.
I shall BATTLE on, and then I shall happy.

FIGHT, STRUGGLE, DEATH, HARD, HARDSHIPS, BATTLE, words that are vibrations, and therefore vibrations that become a part, of your personal human nature formulas. Formulas that infiltrate into your systems and become conditions of your life. So then you end up having SOMETHING to work on, or work through, and you feel very noble about your struggles as well, and feel that through these struggles you are achieving, because you are suffering and “see me” I'm really working through my issues, I'm facing myself and I am struggling and it gives me a sense that I'm DOING something. People then make their struggles their self development, and endeavour to create more to work through as they get caught up into the cycle of PROCESSING their issues.

Oh yes! Here is another one people love. Human nature is very good at encouraging the struggle. It's so NICE, to see you struggling through your issues, you should be proud of yourself! NICE to struggle? PROUD? That you are struggling?

Like plants and animals that have developed the ability to ADAPT to pollutants and survive, so too has human nature adapted itself to having limited MIND, BODY experiences as a natural part of life. You have all in your own way's adapted yourselves to WAR, PAIN, FEAR, DISEASE, POVERTY, ANGER, HATRED, MISTRUST, DOUBT, UNCERTAINTY.

You crave and desire to have a better life and in your journey to have that life you at times allow self to be influenced by, and intimidated by what you BELIEVE is out of your control. If something is out of your control then YOU are out of control.

You may ask a pertinent question, I am aware of all this and I am changing the way that I see these things, and yet they ARE a part of life so therefore how could I NOT be influenced by these things? This creates yet another question. Why are they a part of life? What has happened that human nature feels the need to participate in these energies? This takes me back to the beginning of this teaching. The positive and empowering ways of living life are not being practiced enough as the NATURUAL way of being. People still “strive” to be positive in their lives, rather then just “be it” and accept that's simply the way that life is. And I know that for some people that may be easier written then done when they can't pay the bills, have nowhere to live, are ill all the time, have addictions on many levels.

So once again the STRUGGLE wins out because when I have finished with the struggle then things will get better. The STRUGGLE though is very intimidating and makes it very difficult “because” of it's emotional pull.

The pain is all around you, it does not have to be accepted as a part of life. One does not need to invest in pain. The world is hurting and you all have the POWER to change this hurt by moving away from your own. If you don't then human nature faces more of the struggle, more of the pain, more of the “working through” it's issues.

All these “peace talks” that governments initiate on occasions. Where have they actually led to, it seems to more conflict. Have a peace talk with yourself but unlike the governments of the world, establish the energy in such a way where you actually get the results you want, and results that are lasting. This is the “Possible Dream”.

Love and blessings


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