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August Report

Tabaash - September 2009

If one looks at life around you, you see that everything is made of some sort of formula. Be this your own physical body, the day to day structures of your home life, the structures that you find in the work place. One is constantly participating, creating and experiencing the formulas of life. As you create more awareness through your self development you of course develop the ability to be more sensitive to the formulas that work for you and of course the ones that don't. You observe more carefully what you are investing in and therefore you become more conscious of that which serves you and that which does not.

GOD created everything as a collective formula , that all beings have access to, and it is this formula that as souls you are developing the use of.

This energy is filled with all the answers to EVERYTHING and to really know how to use this, one must be aware of ones own part in the idea of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. You are a vital part of this energy. Without you, it would not exist in its total form. When one identifies with this energy as you, then you are able to adventure into other realms that make up your whole self. There is NO mystery to this concept and it is not a hard thing to be a part of.

Think of your day as if it's your story. As you get on with the day you are writing your story, you are developing characters, plots, intrigues. Placing some people in the backdrop and you are giving other people important roles. You yourself are part of everyone else's story, and all stories blend together and create a bigger one and so it continues until you have life on EARTH, the greatest story that you are a part of whilst you are alive. This is collective energy, this is what you access when you want to write more of your own story.

  1. On awakening do you "log in" to the GOD in you?
  2. Do you establish the reality of your day based on what you know your structures to be?
  3. Through the day are you emotionally emptyiung self when you feel that what you gathered does not serve you?
  4. Do you attach the idea of GOD to what you do before
    you do it?
  5. Do you respect self?

I believe these are important facts to consider that will allow the day to be greater for you and of course doing this helps to establish the greater link with the collective life power available to you. There is no need to create complicated patterns and rituals that give you the illusion of the power that you are. Life was never created to have such complications, you were never created to have such experiences. When one pulls away from the source of power then you become dis-empowered. The further you get the less power you have.

All souls on the planet were at one time connected with the Source of life, with GOD. They knew their Godliness and they knew that through a collective access to this they were given life. As the human nature began to surpass the God-nature souls began to pull away from the light and became more curious and caught up into the human experience. They moved away and left source. They had to find other ways of feeling powerful and connected, so they created the human rituals, that also gave them the impression, that they were once again back to the source. People are still doing this, establishing the concepts that make you believe that you are attuned and yet the game that is played tells you otherwise. A good example of this in a very basic way is in shops where they tell you it is $4.99 rather than $5.00. The psychology of the human mind will of course play the game and believe they are getting it cheaper.

When it comes to collective energy, do you want the cheaper deal though?

Do you want part of the light or all of the light. In fact, do you know what you can have? Are you a part-time participant in your existence getting only what you "think" you deserve? Or are you an all guns blazing full on full-time participant of collective energy and are you taking from it EVERYTHING you want and know you deserve? There are lots of part-timers out there when we observe the human state.

You are this power.
Nothing is denied you.
You can have as much as you want, when you want.
Nothing has any say over you.
You have the choice.
You are the choice.

Today practice being GOD the creator.

Love and blessings.





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