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Tabaash - August 2009

In any time in history you are always going to be faced with the evolution of life. At any time if your life, you are going to be faced with the evolution of YOUR history, and indeed it IS yours. For what you are, what you think, what you feel, and experience in this which you call your HUMAN life is all about YOU.

All beings are, as you people say “in the same boat”. So what is this boat that you all find yourselves riding in? It is of course the life that you have chosen to have. Whilst you were out there in spirit the choice of a life on Earth was once again presented to you as a thought. And so as the pure spirit that you are, you contemplated this choice, you looked at the options that you wanted to make available to self. So you see you CHOOSE, the time in history that you are born into, you CHOOSE the gender of your human bodies, you CHOOSE the parents, the circumstances, the influences. You have CHOSEN everything, and this is a good time to look at your life and ask this question. ”With all those choices that I have made, so far, how have I done?”

You stand on a platform of your life and as you look out what do you see? What you see is what you paid attention to, and what you paid attention to became the life that you are presently living. If you do not like what you are seeing then you perhaps should pay attention to things differently. It’s not that you have it wrong, it’s also not that you have it right, it’s that you MADE a choice based on your ideas and feelings of your life and the outcome was presented to you.

It is interesting to note that the first five years of ones life tends to be guided and interpreted by the thoughts and experiences of other people. Of course as you age you start to interpret the world based on YOUR choices and so of course this changes the dynamics of your life. Most people have made choices based on the formula that life is MIND and BODY. The spirit has always played some part in the lives of people but the MIND and BODY have rather overwhelmed the equation and therefore the SPIRIT seemed to live in the shadows and the occasional LIGHT would be seen. Now as the nature of GOD manifests itself more in the lives of people on Earth one must be conscious of the consistent paying attention, to the total formula all the time. No longer, can people live without the knowledge of GOD as life will become too destructive. This can relate to each individual and their issues, or the greater collective issues of Earth that people find themselves influenced by at this time.

So you see, you do have a choice of how you want to be influenced in the life you have. I know that so many don’t believe that, and still stick with the old concepts that YOU DON’T HAVE CHOICES. Too convenient to blame the system, etc. Step away from all forms of conflict and one will see a clear path to choose.

Conflict comes about BECAUSE people don’t pay attention to the formula of life, and therefore they create disharmony. The way you choose to pay attention is entirely up to each individual. As I say, 'no right way, no wrong way, only your way'. And that way will be defined by, what presently you are paying attention to.

If you stay too attached to the idea of human nature, then you find yourself caught up in the emotional attachment you have to life and so your life becomes “finding” a way to FEED those attachments. If one allows self to pay attention to the GOD nature, which of course is the part of you with all the answers, then you are able to attract what we shall call the “BEST” of your human nature. One would not then, get caught up into the density of the emotional state. Your true nature is your GOD NATURE. This nature now needs to be fed in a way that has never been needed before. It has woken up and needs to be attended to. Without the attention to this part of self you will remain battling the self and never find the harmony that you so seek.

Everyday, you are GOD, everyday you have the CHOICE to decide how you will be this. NOTHING right, nothing wrong, a choice you make. At this time in your life, what do you chose?

Love and blessing to you all


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