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Tabaash Report - May 2012

Everyday of everyone’s life you are faced with the choice of life and how you will live it.

There is never a time on both conscious and unconscious levels, that you are not looking at all the options of life you have, and what you want to do with those options.

For an ever increasing amount of people however, the choice is not so much about what shall I do with my life, but if I really WANT to live.

The youth suicide rate worldwide is increasing as are the amount of people who are suffering from depression and feeling that they can’t cope choose to take their lives.

The world that one is living in becomes a constant battleground for some people as they struggle to make sense of what is happening around them and what roles they have to play in a world that is ever increasing in conflict.

So many people do not have a sense of the world as a good place, a place that profits them and leads them into even better things. So many people feel they do not belong in a place where aggression, disharmony and fear seem to be the ever constant. Some people feel that they simply have no choice, so they think of the life they are living, what’s the point?

For those who are participating by association its hard to know what role to play as the energy is so diverse it is damned if you do damned if you don’t at times.


From the spiritual perspective one must remember that whatever the journey, its still the souls choice to be involved in its life on all the levels. Seeing and UNDERSTANDING the bigger picture goes a long way to knowing the best way to participate in these situations whatever role you are playing.

The souls of the young people of today have a new awareness that establishes a greater sensitivity to the conflicts around them.

Many of these souls have chosen to be here because they believed that they are the peacemakers and that their energy can make a difference. As the grow and start being more aware of what's happening around them they often feel violated and assaulted by the consistent amount of negativity the pervades, therefore rendering them in their own minds useless to doing anything to change things.

This makes them feel rather defeated as their intentions to bring about peace have been thwarted and many feel that they have failed in their cause.


One must take the view though that these souls have established their own experiences, and one could say that perhaps their mission is DESPITE the amount of negativity that pervades, it is for them to show their own light in such a manner that it lifts those who are able to see it.

Many people feel that they have failed in their tasks because they have not affected a bigger part of the population consequently measuring their success on how many people they have lifted rather then the quality of the light they possess.


A certain group of souls worldwide numbering in the hundreds of thousands are on this planet at this point bringing with them this light energy.

Many of these souls are those who are affected by depression. In the vulnerability that they possess they often bring out in others the ability to recognize and serve with unconditional love.

It often brings out the “keeper” in people, the need to care, to love, to share and to carry. Its gives those who need to teach this the opportunity to take that step and allow emotion into their lives.

Many people have found that by association they have had to adapt their lives to the mental health issues of a loved one, and this has given them a great gift and a great chance for growth on all levels.

The extremes that people go through are still opportunities of growth for souls though that is hard to see and understand.

The present energy that pervades this planet is a catalyst for truth, honesty and for want of a better word, extremes.

This is an EXTREME time where one is faced with your own extremities of nature.

Many have laden themselves with such burdens, seeing this time as a great occasion on a soul level to evolve and be a part of a time in history that is rather unique.


The youth of today bring with them great truth and honesty, great feeling and creativity as the world moves into a place of CREATION ENERGY they really recognize this energy within them and seek and at times struggle to show this through their expression.

This can often be misunderstood often because the parents, teachers, etc don’t speak the new energy language and therefore go to the human nature for the answers rather then invite in the soul energy.

For so much of the youth of today it is about EXPRESSION from the soul and from an early age these souls seek out the way to express their light. And if for whatever reasons they cant do this they feel like they have had a net thrown over them limiting the light movement.

These souls are full of light that needs to be voiced.

It is for those around them to SEE THIS LIGHT and to respond in a positive light.

Encouraging, being supportive, and learning from this light acknowledging the difference it has made.

Paying attention to this light really makes a great difference to these souls.

They want to make a difference.

Love and blessings


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