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I had this wonderful dream last night where I was a big beautiful whale peacefully swimming through the deep, deep blue ocean. When it was time for me to awake, this dream burst into the most beautiful blue light I could ever imagine with a loud boom. Am still buzzing form this beautiful dream. Any thoughts? Thank-you.

How wonderful for you that you were able to experience this.

Your soul was journeying into the realms of spirit feeding you happiness and light and love.

As a soul you are consciousness and so therefore you are able to incarnate into all life forms.

There was a life you had as a whale and so you were returning to that memory, feeling the freedom and the peace, and the energy of that time.

The light was GODS light and the boom was your soul returning back to Earth, its vibration and your physical body.

When you have “dreams” such as this it’s not really that at all, but your soul exploring and adventuring.

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