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Do you think magic exists- as in modern witchcraft- i.e., is there power in spells and ritual.

Yes magic exists and yes there is power in these rituals.

The base of these rituals in fact can be found in the quantum theories of today.

In fact one could define seers and sages, witches etc of the past as quantum physicists of their time!

These were all people who had an understanding of the natural rhythms of the forces of life and they knew how to harness these energies.

They knew that they were themselves the energy, they were not separate from the GOD FORCE and so therefore they were able to access information and energy from other dimensions and also were able to source the energy form the Earth.

It’s not a difficult thing to do really, when you consider that everything is energy and all are attuned to the source.

When you have an absolute alignment with GOD you are it is very easy to create “magic”

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