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I find myself experiencing and observing an abundance of unattainable or unrequited love. Is it the perception of the grass being greener? Or is there something in the ait that is affecting this array of people in diverse life stages to simultaneously discover intense, perhaps soulful, connection which cannot or will not be pursued?

This is a time where everyone is laying the cards on the table.

Who am I? Where do I stand? Etc.

It’s is also a time where the karmic issues around relationships are testing you.

See this as a sifting out, or cutting out of the dead wood period.

Collective energy works in a way where many people simultaneously experience similar things or events. However, each individual must acknowledge what the experience means to themselves by being conscious of their own response to their situations.

At the end of the day ask yourself, What does this bring out in me, what does it make me feel, think, how am I responding to this, what is the wisdom?

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