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All these questions about vortex’s-in practical terms what does it really mean if you live near one? Is it beneficial or are you more likely to experience turbulence- either emotionally or environmentally like earthquakes?

Knowing that you “position” yourself wherever you are in the world is important here.

Your soul is always guiding you towards the experiences it needs.

It seeks out the energy that it wishes to participate in.

If you are drawn to a vortex where there is environmental upheaval, that’s still a choice your soul has made.

When you are more consciously attuned to your GOD energy, living near these energy centers allows you to expand your vibrations therefore giving you more access to life power.

For those that are not attuned to the GOD power they will feel the energy as a physical or emotional form of “disturbance”.

Some people may be more sensitive and have to move away, others invariably “put up” with it, and are not aware of such an occurrence.

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