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As you were enlightened in your last life on Earth, is the tribe you lived in ne of the last tribes they talk about in the bible?

I came form a group that we call “First Family”.

These were the group of souls that were asked by GOD to go to Earth and assist in the creation process.

These souls have known Earth from its birth and they have a particular bond with Earth and a need to keep it healed and pristine and clear.

They remember what it was like before all the madness started.

There are many first family members who are on Earth at present.

Often they are the teachers and the healers, and the humanitarians and the environmentalists.

There are those in spirit like myself who use the knowledge they have by channeling through a physical body.

Our aim is to lift the consciousness of humanity so that the Earth is once again revered and that people know that they are God.

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