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The recent tornadoes and floods that have devastated entire cities in the US brings to mind that the affected areas are the same locations that saw much conflict and death during the Civil War and prior to that, the same areas where many Native Americans were nearly exterminated. Given that we are nearing an important transition period, could it be possible that the devastation we see is just the results of those entities “acting out” in repressed anger, fear or hate after being finally liberated?

All places carry the energy of events that have happened in the past. When the events have been traumatic the energy is of course denser and this density can actually act as a magnet for other forms of energy that are also dense.

This of course CAN be manifested in extreme weather patterns, which of course are all about energy patterns. 

It’s not so much about entities but more so a collective mass of frequencies that manifest as energy storms.

This of course can eventually manifest as literal storms. Rather then call the energies of the past anger, fear etc; lets call it “confused”.

Also there is a great deal of electricity that is emitting from the Earth and with the advent of change, this energy is more prolific.

When it meets with the energy that is in the atmosphere, it’s creating a great turbulence. Blessings and cleansings of the land are always useful things to do to release the old vibration patterns.

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