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One of our readers has asked me about UFOS.


There is a great deal of new UFO activity on this planet at present. Due to the immense shift of consciousness that is happening on EARTH there is a great deal of monitoring from extraterrestrial forces. A major shift of vibration anywhere will always have a collective effect on all, and so it is in the vested interest of the universal consciousness that the state of pay here is carefully watched. Never before in the history of this planet has there been such a collective shift.

There are groups from other planets who’s task it is to assist this planet in the transition and so they do so by feeding certain frequencies to this planet that assist in the alignment that is taking place. There are other groups who are simply observers and they are studying the effects of the dimensional transition to see how it affects this planet, and how this will change the eco systems of Earth and also the geological changes that are occurring because of this shift. As the energy expands through Earth the energy can be managed at times by these outside influences to ensure that there are not great cataclysmic changes that would result in huge disaster worldwide.

As people on EARTH increase their own understanding of collective consciousness and how it works universally, they are opening themselves up to vibrations that have been there but not available because of the denser vibrations that Earth has been running on. This is all changing and so no you open up new door ways and new horizons to connections with other worlds and information that is useful to you now.

Some good reference books to help you understand are books written by DOLORES CANNON one of the worlds most respected writers on metaphysics and UFO. Her series of books called THE CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE are filled with interesting and thrilling material. Her book THE CUSTODIANS has been called the best UFO book ever written.
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There will be more UFO activity as the energy increases and people open up more to the fact that THERE IS MORE!

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