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I am a young woman in my first year of teaching, and am very passionate and dedicated to my job. There is so much to learn and so many expectations to meet on many levels. I love being in the classroom, but I do struggle with the demands of the job. How do you find balance in your life again but still feels like you are giving your best to the job, your family, yourself and your loved ones? Thank you for your time Tabaash.

Your skills are a real vocation; something that your soul really wanted to do in this lifetime, so this is all natural to you.

You have also been placed out of your comfort zone; the reality of this is challenging you to be more on all levels.

The phrase "raise your game" comes to mind. It's all real now and you have to establish yourself differently. As you daily observe what is expected of you then you start to get a sense of what needs to be done, thought etc.

Having a daily plan is important.

Be aware of the structure of the day; call in the aspects of yourself that you know you need for that day.

Through the day affirm your GODNESS and the peace you have with self.

The aim here is to establish harmony in the routines you are creating through the day.

It’s a day-to-day journey this one and you have to be adaptable to your situations as they arise as you are discovering.

You’re an awesome teacher by the way!

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