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How do teachers such as you choose whom to channel through form all the humans on this planet? I know there are probably good handfuls that wish to have this kind of unique contact with their teachers.

The channel has made an agreement to participate in this experience as a part of their own karma.

Most channels have decided to be “a voice” and so it is their vocation to teach, heal and inform in this manner.

It would tend to be a life long vocation and can be expressed on simple levels or on a more major scale.

Being a channel allows the person to evolve through the opportunities and connections they have with the energies they are working with.

The spirits and energies that channel through people will align themselves with energies that they feel are compatible with their own vibrations.

The spirit energies will often “train up” a person who has the potential, and of course this “training” what be in agreement with the person and also part of their own personal evolution.

No energy is EVER foisted upon a person and is “made” to channel.

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