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How can we become more receptive/connected to our spirit guides?

The more that you accept the idea of your GOD NATURE as you, the easier it is for you to always be attuned to the spirit forces that work with you. Since all exists around you all the time, your aim is to have the highest connection with yourself therefore giving you the “links” with the other dimensions etc. Establishing the connection with your GOD nature simply heightens your vibrations, therefore allowing you clear connections and flow of energy. Here are some suggestions for you that can help you make the links with your guides stronger.

  • Daily acknowledge them and thank them for being in your life
  • In the morning let them know the plan for your day and ask for their love and assistance.
  • Some people like to have a “guide book” where they write to the guides, sharing with them feelings, ideas etc, and asking questions. Often they find that they receive answers straight away in their thoughts and they write them down.
  • Be aware through the day that you are constantly being directed by your guides through your thoughts and feelings, the way that you feel you are paying attention to the day. The way they work is usually quite subtle and as I always like to say, “Listen to the daily whispers of life”.
  • Ask as often as you like for their guidance, they have no boundaries and the more you ask the more you will connect.

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