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Is it possible to live two lives simultaneously, and if so can both be on a spiritual journey?

All lives are lived out simultaneously. A good example of this would be to look at a radio or a television. There are many stations involved and they are all playing at the same time. When you focus or “tune in” to a particular station that becomes your “conscious” reality. The other stations are still playing out at the same time. All your lives are being played out right now and you are still participating in them. The past can only influence in regards to the way you are “allowing” it to happen, be it on a conscious or unconscious level. The future lives you can access by instinct and other psychic means and so you have opportunities to change the outcome of the future. A way to access information both past and future lives is to say:

I call upon all future lifetimes where I am GOD on a conscious level to guide and assist me in this life.

I call upon all past lifetimes where I was GOD on a conscious level to give me access to the positive energy of that life to guide and assist me in this life.

Of course you could use this is other ways apart from your spiritual experiences.

Can lives we have led and are living as the manipulated and the manipulators influence the other on both conscious and unconscious levels?

All of life is an energy and therefore one can if one allows, to be affected by anything you are or have been if you pay attention to it long enough through your thought and actions. When you stay in harmony and are conscious of your own higher good, and affirm your GODNESS then you will never attract to you the vibrations that do not serve you.


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