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Can you tell us about the Sargasso Sea? Is it over what was part of the Altantean continent? What about passengers of ships like The Rosalie? The ship was found intact but without a trace of its passengers.

Yes you are correct this is very much where Atlantis was positioned.

This area is also associated with the Bermuda Triangle.

Basically the area is a portal into other dimensions.

A portal is created by energy variances, established by a certain alignment of frequencies between dimensions that allow for the passage from one dimension to another.

These portals are established and are monitored by those who keep vigil at the gates to all the dimensions.

These portals are positioned not only on the Earth but also in space.

They have always been there and are part of the makeup of life and its forces.

You go to some of these dimensions in meditation and sleep.

The French Ship The Rosalie was just one of many that slipped into the portal.

Those on board were simply pulled into another dimension where they continued happily to live out the life they had.

All souls on board had a soul agreement on another level to allow this to happen.

There is nothing negative about these portals and no being is every damaged or ever goes to a negative place.

One has to understand that the people of Atlantis had great knowledge about these portals and also great understanding in the use of crystals that could create power such as electricity and harness energy that could control weather patterns. Climate etc.

Even now after all these centuries some of these crystals are still activated and can cause disruptions in weather patterns in that part of the world.

It’s like a great mass of power that is like an energy tornado.

The energy is distributed throughout the area but mostly it dissipates.

On occasions it has had the effect of creating hurricanes that were disruptive.

The energy of these crystals is more temperate now and therefore the energy they send out is moderate.

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