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Does Reincarnation actually exist? Asks a reader

Yes it does. Life would never make sense if you do not take into account that you have lived before. Take a country like India where reincarnation is a normal and accepted fact of life. How is it that some of those people who live in such poverty and pain would cope if they did not have the belief that in another life they can make it better?

You are who you are today, because of who you have been in the past. All the personality idiosyncrasies that you posses today, are in fact based on other lives that you have lived. You access the reference library of life to “form” the best deal for the new life that you will have.

An important thing to note is that the “SOUL” is not a human soul. It is consciousness and therefore you can reincarnate as ANYTHING. This means, male, female, trees, mountains, the sea, animals, flowers, all that is life you can experience.

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