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One of our readers has asked this question of Tabaash.

“Is their a certain number of incarnations allocated to each soul before they are given a choice to reincarnate and help earthly life as a spiritual entity just like you and many others?
Is there a maximum amount of lives a soul can reincarnate”?

There are no limits to the amount of incarnations a soul has, and there is no “quota” in regards to how many lives you have to live before you enlightened. It is with the best of intentions that souls incarnate. As they grow in the lives they have, they may accumulate more emotional energy and attachments therefore keeping them linked in with the idea of karma. It is KARMA that keeps souls embroiled in the human nature state. One act in human nature can clear karma instantly. One act in human nature can keep you pulled into the cycle of karma. Best way to resolve all karma is to be GOD.

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